Early pregnancy mucus secretions

From the beginning of pregnancy, the normal increase in hormones will change the appearance and other characteristics of cervical mucus.Please note that in your cervical or vaginal infection and other factors, you can change the appearance and feeling of mucus you see.

Normal cervical mucus is pregnant

Shortly after pregnancy, the number, color and consistency of your cervical mucus began to change.This mucus is the main reason for the increase in leucorrhea that may be noticed in early pregnancy.The increase in vaginal endocrine also leads to the number and appearance of the discharge.

The characteristics of mucus

In the early stages of pregnancy, the elevation of estrogen and progesterone levels will play its special effect on cervical mucus, as summarized by endocrine and metabolic principles and practice (p. 931).The type of vaginal secretion you see depends on which hormone effect is dominant in cervical mucus.

Performatone effect: odorless, heavier, thick, white or pale yellow mucus secretions may be one of the earliest symptoms of your pregnancy.This viscous mucus is caused by progesterone.It continues to form mucus plugs in your cervix, which will continue to the start of your labor.

Estrogen effect: With the progress of early pregnancy, heavier mucus can be discharged.The number of estrogen increases the number of mucus in the inner layer of Endocervix.The role of estrogen also makes your cervical mucus feel wet. It can look clear, milky white, milky white or pale yellow.


Some women have started a lot of mucus in the first three months.Known as leucorrhea, your mucus will be heavier, more water or runny nose, and it looks white or cream.This rich mucus:

Cervical mucus during pregnancy is the common role of estrogen

When the estrogen causes the cell layer of the cervical tube to turn outward, it occurs when facing your vagina (outward).In this position, stimulating cells produce more mucus.

You can soak your underwear and make you feel moist

The color of your mucus may also look pink, brown or red.This is because the exposed cervix tissue can easily bleed.If you are worried about the number of mucus or the color, please tell your doctor.

Impact of planting bleeding

About one to two weeks after ovulation, pale yellow, brown or red mucus may also be caused by implantation of bleeding. This situation is not common, but it is normal.Discuss this with your doctor, if it continues to exceed the time that misses it.If you notice the red blood in the mucus, especially if you have pelvic pain, please consult your doctor.

Cervical mucus of other types

Other factors, such as cervic inflammation or infection, can change normal mucus in early pregnancy.Vaginal infection can also change your mucus secretions.

If you have signs or symptoms of cervical vaginal infection, do not use non -prescription or home therapy before discussing with your doctor.

Cervical infection

If a cervical transmission infection occurs, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia infection in early pregnancy, the color of the mucus may be dark yellow or dark yellow.Consistence can also be thicker or more like glue than normal pregnancy mucus.In addition, you may notice:

You have a bad smell

Vaginal and external tissues have vulva and vaginal itching, burning or stimulation

Caches or pain in your pelvis

Your vagina or pelvis is uncomfortable during sexual intercourse

Vaginal infection

Vaginal infection, such as yeast, mixes with cervical mucus, will also affect the excretion you see.Yeast often causes cottage cheese -like emissions, and usually itching and burning of vagina and vulva.

Vaginal infection of organisms, such as furmer or bacteria, can cause small water, turbid white, pale yellow or green vomit, accompanied by fishy smell.Due to vaginal symptoms, sexual intercourse may be uncomfortable.

Discussion with your doctor

It is normal for your mucus to change in early pregnancy.Note that you may show signs and symptoms of infection or other problems.If you have any doubts about any mucus during pregnancy, call or make an appointment to see your doctor.

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