Early pregnancy is a critical period for development of fetal treasure, a high -definition picture tells you that different organs are sensitive to deformity

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Malaysia’s badminton star Li Zongwei official Xuan’s wife was pregnant with a third child. At that time, the two couples took a photo of a B -ultrasound with two children!”Zero plan”

Seeing the photos of the B -ultrasound, you can see the head and body of the fetus, indicating that the third child of their family has passed the early pregnancy!

We found that many celebrities did not officially announce in the early days when they were pregnant. Instead, they started official announcements until they were in the second trimester or even the third trimester. Why?

In fact, it is not superstition, but because the baby is just a small embryo in the early pregnancy, which is very fragile.

Under normal circumstances, the probability of abortion is about 15%, and most of them occur in the early pregnancy!

And there are some miscarriage that there is no need to keep tires, because it may be due to the inherent dysplasia of the fetus and abortion caused by malformations!

The fetus from scratch in the early pregnancy is a central nervous system, a critical period for the development of heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, and facial features!It is also a high incidence of miscarriage!

★ 1 to 2 weeks after fertilization: fertilized egg division and implantation

At this time, many mothers don’t know if they are pregnant. If they are prepared, they will pay more attention.

However, some mothers are unexpectedly pregnant. If their living habits are not good, such as smoking and drinking or staying up late, they may cause accidents during the implantation process and biochemical pregnancy.

Mom may have only a faint stomach pain. I feel that menstruation is delayed, and the menstrual blood volume increases. I do not know that she is pregnant, and I still have a miscarriage.

★ 3 ~ 5 weeks after fertilization: sensitive period of deformity of the nervous system

At this time, because the menstruation did not come, and the premature pregnancy response such as bad appetite, vomiting and other pregnancy reactions had already known that he was pregnant.

At this time, the baby is just a small embryo, and the nervous system is developing rapidly.

At this time, if the mother does not pay attention, such as taking medicine, or smelling some toxic and harmful items, such as formaldehydene, it will cause abnormal development of the fetal nervous system and cause malformations.

At this time, the mother must pay attention to supplement folic acid to avoid exposure to toxic and harmful substances, and to avoid taking medicine randomly.

★ 3.5 ~ 5.5 weeks after fertilization: the critical period of heart development

If you don’t pay attention at this time, the risk of childbirth may increase the risk of congenital heart disease!

Mom avoids medication and avoids contact with toxic and harmful items.

★ 4.5 to 7 weeks after fertilization: sensitive period of kidney deformity

When many mothers do the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound around 20 weeks of pregnancy, they find that there are shadows or other problems in the kidneys, which is most likely caused by early pregnancy.

★ 4.5 ~ 8.5 weeks after fertilization: Sensitive eye -sensitive eye

Is there any problem with the child’s eyes? You can’t see it during the checkup, so don’t take medicine in the early pregnancy.

★ 4.5 to 7 weeks after fertilization: sensitive period of feet development deformity

For example, the child’s fingers or toes have 6, which is related to heredity and is also related to the malformations due to disobeytics in the early pregnancy.

★ 6.5 to 8 weeks after fertilization: A sensitive period of deformity of teeth

Some children do not like sugar and brush their teeth hard, but their teeth are still very easy to dental caries.Some children usually eat sugar, and they are not serious, but their teeth are still good.

This has something to do with the child’s innate teeth, and the innate situation of the child’s teeth is mainly related to pregnancy, especially when the child is in early pregnancy, the deciduous teeth have begun to develop, so the mother must pay attention to avoid eating some of the teeth that are not conducive to teeth.Developed drugs, and also pay attention to nutritional balance.

★ 6.5 to 8 weeks after fertilization: the critical period of jaw development deformity

If the mother drinks and smoke at this stage, it is likely to cause the child’s jaw to develop abnormalities, such as rabbit lips.

★ 7 to 9 weeks after fertilization: sensitive period of external genital development

Although it is generally 13 weeks or even 14 weeks, you can see that the genitals are boys or girls through B -ultrasound, but in fact, the development of genitals has begun to develop slowly at the moment of fertilization.

7-9 weeks are sensitive periods of deformity of external genital development. At this time, if the mother takes hormone drugs, it is likely to affect the development of the child’s external genitals.

The previously prevailing tire pills on the Internet are actually methyl testosterine, which is also the male hormone. The female baby is obviously in the belly, but eating a lot ofrogen will cause the genitals to change, but in fact, the child is still a girl.

★ 4.5 ~ 9.5 weeks after fertilization: The sensitive period of ears developmental deformity

At this time, if the mother does not pay attention to it, it may cause the child to be damaged by hearing, and it cannot be checked during the checkup.

Therefore, mothers must pay attention not to eat random in the early pregnancy, do not contact the toxic and harmful substances, and pay attention to the nutritional balance. Although they ca n’t eat things, they must insist on eating staple foods every day, and eat some vegetables and fruits.

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