Each pregnancy examination items and examination significance after pregnancy, the mother who prepare for pregnancy is collected.

Speaking of pregnancy tests, you can often hear the elderly say that some items are not necessary to do, so is it necessary to do it?Of course you have to do it.

Let me tell you a real example. When I was 36 weeks of pregnancy, I went to the hospital for a routine checkup. I met a pregnant woman about the number of weeks of pregnancy. She should accompany her mother. There is also a six -year -old girl.EssenceGenerally, when pregnant women do the birth check, they are embarrassed, because it is impossible to make up, but the pregnant woman is painted with thick makeup and dyed nails. If they love beauty, there is nothing.What surprised me even more was that she had only done a B -ultrasound in two or three months of pregnancy. She had not had a pregnancy test from the beginning to the end, and she had not built files in any hospital.I went to the hospital that day because I had a contraction. I went to the hospital to let the B -ultrasound have some problems with the kidneys of the fetus, but the B -ultrasound doctors dare not determine, so they were allowed to do other examinations.The mother asked the doctor if the doctor could be killed. The doctor said that it was 36 weeks, and which hospital could not be killed. It could only be born, but she did not build a file, and which hospital dare to accept it easily.Woolen cloth?I do n’t know how to do it later. I ’m saying a little bit, but I’ m going to tell you that the pregnancy test is still necessary. Let ’s tell you how many pregnancy examinations need to be done from pregnancy to production.What.

1, 0-5 weeks: urine pregnancy test, confirm pregnancy.

2, 5-6 weeks: ultrasonic examination.Understand whether the number of embryos and whether the embryo is in the palace, etc., to eliminate the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

3. 6-8 weeks: ultrasound examination, blood test.Monitor whether the fetal heartbeat is normal and the level of progesterone and HCG.

4, 12 weeks: receive health manuals and files.The first checkup includes the most basic consultation, weight, blood pressure, fetal heart, uterine size, blood routine, urine routine, electrocardiogram, etc.

5, 11-13 weeks: NT examination (transparent layer of fetal neck).Early Tang family syndrome screening.Other routine examinations (weight, blood pressure, uterine size, fetal heart, etc.).

6, 17-20 week: Donald syndrome screening, fixed fetal Tang’s syndrome risk assessment.

7, 24 weeks: Daquan deformed four -dimensional check, mainly check whether the baby is abnormal.

8 and 28 weeks: The sugar tolerance examination, mainly check whether pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes.

9, 32: Pregnancy hypertension syndrome screening.Including blood tests, liver and kidney function, urine examination, fundus examination, electrocardiogram, fetal heart monitoring, etc.

10, 34 weeks: B -ultrasound, fetal heart monitoring.Mainly evaluate the weight and size of the fetus.

11, 36 weeks: mainly check the fetal position, fetal size, amniotic fluid condition, etc. to prepare for production.

12 and 37 weeks: fetal heart monitoring, measured fetal heart rate, measurement of pelvis.Determine the method of childbirth.

13, 38-42 weeks: Checkpiece, ultrasonic estimation of the size of the fetus and the amount of amniotic fluid, evaluate the cervical conditions, and prepare to produce at any time.If there are no signs of delivery for more than 41 weeks, you need to prepare artificially to terminate pregnancy at any time.

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