During the sexual life, will men urinate and excretion happen at the same time?The doctor answers you

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As we all know, the life of husband and wife is an indispensable part of every family.However, it also brings many questions and confusion.One of the questions is: Will men’s urination and excretion occur at the same time during the life of husband and wife?

The next article will reveal this mystery for you.

The main function of the urinary system is to eliminate the waste produced by the human body, maintain water and salt balance and acid -base balance.The reproductive system is responsible for the successful generation, allowing our race to continue.

Although there are many similarities between the urinary system and reproductive system, they still have great differences in function and structure.

Having said that, men’s reproductive systems and urinary systems have a certain common common in anatomy.For example, urethra is not only responsible for urination, but also responsible for exclusion.So, does this mean that men’s urination and excretion in husband and wife will happen at the same time?Don’t worry, the answer will be announced immediately.

During the men’s reproductive process, the vasal tube sends the sperm to the urethra, and then discharged from the body through the urethra.During the urination process, urine was excreted from the bladder through the urethra.

Although the urethra plays a key role in both processes, in fact, urination and excretion will not happen at the same time.why?

The reason is that our body has a delicate mechanism called "urine-reflection".The smooth muscle will shrink, keep the bladder neck tightly, and prevent the return of urine.

In this way, urine and semen will not be mixed together or discharged at the same time.Therefore, when you are intoxicated in the life of your husband and wife, you will not be inserted across.

Now that we have answered this question, we might as well talk about some interesting phenomena in the life of husband and wife.

Do you know that in the process of husband and wife, people usually enter a state of "autonomous driving".This is because in sexual life, the increased dopamine secretion of the brain makes us feel happy and excited, and endorphins make us feel and relax.

This magical chemical reaction makes us immersed in a pleasant atmosphere and temporarily forget the troubles in life.

At this special moment, both sides can feel each other’s love and warmth, making each other’s relationship closer.Cherish every life of a husband and wife, make it part of your beautiful memories.

In addition, it is also important to maintain good communication in the life of husband and wife.Communication can improve the satisfaction of both parties, prevent misunderstanding and discomfort. It is recommended to maintain an open attitude, share preferences, express boundaries, and listen to each other’s needs.

The two sides should fully express their needs and feelings, and understand the comfort and boundaries of each other.Remember, sincere communication can allow you to avoid many unnecessary misunderstandings and make the life of couples more happy and harmonious.

In the life of husband and wife, pay special attention to personal hygiene to avoid reproductive organs infection.It is recommended that the two parties clean before and after sex to keep the reproductive organs clean.Using condoms can not only effectively avoid accidental pregnancy, but also effectively reduce the risk of bacterial infection and ensure the health of both sides.

However, too frequent or too thin sexual life may have a burden on the body.Therefore, we should maintain a reasonable frequency of sexual life according to our physical condition and needs.Too frequent sexual life may lead to fatigue of reproductive organs and cause a series of health problems.

In sexual life, the two sides should pay attention to each other’s psychological health and seek psychological support or consultation in a timely manner to maintain a healthy couple relationship.

By considering these additional factors, couples can further improve the quality and harmony of intimate relationships, thereby establishing a stronger emotional bond and a more satisfactory partner relationship.

Having said that, in the process of husband and wife, men’s urination and ejaculation usually do not occur at the same time.This is because in the physiological mechanism, the human body has a natural protection mechanism, that is, the urethral sphincter will shrink when sexual excitement, preventing the urine from flowing out, so as to ensure that semen passes the urethra smoothly when ejaculation.

However, in some cases, especially among men or men with some reproductive system diseases, urination and ejaculation may occur at the same time. At this time, doctors should be asked to understand the possible causes and seek corresponding treatment.

Understanding this physiological phenomenon is essential for the health and harmony of husband and wife.Maintain good communication, pay attention to the needs and comfort of each other, and seek medical advice when necessary, which helps to maintain the stability of the quality and relationship of husband and wife.

In this article, we answered whether men’s urination and ejaculation would occur at the same time during the life of husband and wife, and shared some interesting phenomena and health suggestions about the life of husband and wife.I hope this information can help you better understand each other and make the life of husband and wife more happy and happy.

Of course, life will always have such questions and confusion, but please rest assured that we will always be here to answer your doubts, share health knowledge, let us work together, and make life better!

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