During the pregnancy, the expectant mother’s skin is itchy, which is unbearable. What method can I use to relieve it?

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When visiting the forum, I saw a lot of expectant mothers care about why skin itching during pregnancy is unbearable, because under the common effect of air quality, diet, daily life and other factors, more and more people with sensitive desert skin are increasing.After pregnancy, the skin problems worsen, especially itching makes people tolerate people. So, is there any safe and effective way to relieve the pain of expectant mothers?

First of all, we must first understand why pregnant women are prone to itching.

During pregnancy, the skin becomes dry and tight, and severe dandruff will even cause dandruff. A very important reason is that the hormone level changes, the cortical secretion is reduced, and the skin moisturizer is reduced directly. As a result, it becomes more sensitive and dryafter.

How should we care for fragile skin during pregnancy?

Whether it is cleaning the face or the body’s cleaning supplies, the amino acids are selected to avoid the use of alkaline or soap -based supplies, and reduce the number of times of face washing, protect the skin’s moisturizing sebum, and avoid excessive cleaning of matte products to increase skin dryness and sensitivity.During pregnancy, expectant mothers will prepare natural and mild skin care products, stay away from skin care products with complex components, and apply body milk in a timely manner after bathing.

Itching of expectant mothers during pregnancy is very common, and it is mostly concentrated in the abdomen. This is because the skin is excessively stretched or dry. How to relieve skin itching?

1. Reduce the number of baths to prevent the skin from being destroyed by the natural cortex layer. Avoid using hot water during bathing. Although the water temperature is too high to relieve fatigue and relax the body and mind, the temperature is too high.The skin is more dry.

2. Avoid using soap -containing bath liquid during bathing. Use mild products. After bathing, apply moisturizing skin to moisturizing in time after bathing.

3. During pregnancy, when the weather is hot, go out less. The hot environment is prone to sweat and increase itching.

4. Wear loose and comfortable clothes during pregnancy. Tights will be led to the skin and aggravate itching. You can also use a wet cloth at home to apply a wet cloth to relieve the itching sensation.

If your body suddenly appears a large area of itching, you need to go to the hospital in time to check whether it is a pathological skin itching. It is called an intrapatic stasis in the liver during pregnancy.To be serious, it will seriously affect the whole body, and even accompanied by jaundice.This disease will seriously threaten the safety of the fetus, so go to the hospital in time.


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