During the checkup, he fainted?Specific mothers must beware of "hypoglycemia during pregnancy"

Two days ago, the pregnant mother Jiaojiao went to the hospital for a delivery for a delivery, and even fainted directly from the stool in the examination room.After being awakened by a doctor and nurse, Jiao Jiao, who was weak, said: Because the inspection items need to be drawn, they did not eat in the morning, and they hurriedly forgot to take food when they left.Coupled with the bad appetite during pregnancy, I ate very little last night, so I couldn’t carry it.

Under the inquiry of the doctor, Jiao Jiao added that she had symptoms of hypoglycemia during pregnancy. I often felt that my heart was weak and dizzy. I was used to it for a long time, so I didn’t care too much.

However, the doctor criticized her solemnly: "Moms must strengthen nutrition, otherwise, in addition to the poor physical condition of the pregnant woman, it may cause death in severe cases!"

Therefore, if you are in pregnancy during pregnancy, you will also have the symptoms of dizziness frequently, you must be careful!

Pregnant women with lighter blood sugar will have dizziness and unstable steps; in severe cases, they appear dark, unclear, and even syncope when they suddenly stand or walk.

All in all, it is more dangerous to have hypoglycemia in pregnant women, and it must be treated in a timely manner according to the symptoms.

1. Acceleration of metabolism leads to high insulinin

Due to the acceleration of metabolism after pregnancy, the blood flow of islets is more than that of non -pregnancy, and the physiological function of islet is very strong.This will lead to low blood glucose (especially the empty blood glucose) of prospective mothers, which will cause symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, fatigue, hand tremor, and cold sweat.

2. During pregnancy reaction leads to malnutrition

In addition, because expectant mothers increase the increase of progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy, and pregnancy reactive vomiting will occur, pregnant women usually eat less.However, the energy consumption during pregnancy is very large, which is easy to cause malnutrition and will increase the symptoms of hypoglycemia such as dizziness.

1. General symptoms, timely replenish sugar

When the symptoms have a mild hypoglycemia, you can add any form of refined sugar as soon as possible, such as cola, juice, candy or oral glucose tablets.

If the response of low blood sugar is heavier, expectant mothers need to add more carbohydrates after correcting hypoglycemia, such as steamed buns or breads or fruits.

2. Pregnant mothers who injected long -effect insulin

For pregnant women who injected long -effect insulin, in order to prevent hypoglycemia from appearing repeatedly, they can also eat milk or eggs such as milk or eggs.

3. Pregnant mother who has been unconscious

Pregnant women who have been unconscious but have swallowing ability should put white sugar or glucose between their cheeks and teeth, and swallow it after melting it.

If the symptoms are still not improved within 10 minutes, they should be sent to the hospital immediately to give vein injection glucose solution.

1. Eat less meals to ensure breakfast nutrition

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to the nutrition of three meals.Especially for breakfast, you can eat high protein and high -carbonic foods such as milk, eggs, meat porridge, cakes.If necessary, you can even eat the fourth and fifth meals.

2. Bring a snack with you

During pregnancy, you may wish to bring Soda biscuits, candy and fruit snacks with you. Once the symptoms of hypoglycemia occur, you can eat immediately, and timely alleviate the symptoms of hypoglycemia, such as dizziness, palpitations and weakness.

3. Moderate exercise

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should perform appropriate exercise to enhance their physical strength.But be careful not to engage in too hard work, and we must take a good rest.

4. Timmed blood sugar

Pay attention to the measurement of blood glucose during delivery. The normal blood glucose value during pregnancy is 3.3-5.6 mmol/L in half an hour before three meals. The blood sugar is 4.4-6.7mmol/L in 2 hours after three meals, and the night blood glucose is 4.4-6.7mmol/L.

Self -blood glucose monitoring can significantly reduce the incidence of hypoglycemia.If the blood sugar is found, the doctor should follow the doctor’s opinion for treatment.

5. Pregnant women who take insulin or hypoglycemic drugs should take the medicine reasonably according to the doctor’s advice.

Hypoglycemia during pregnancy will not only affect the mother, but also may affect the baby’s development.

Therefore, expectant mothers must pay attention to observe their health, eat reasonably, and avoid hypoglycemia.

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