During pregnancy, you do your chest through, and your mother -in -law is killed!Should such a mother -in -law hate it?

There will be no problems, it is recommended to keep it first.My husband and I also discussed the first step -by -step production inspection.But when my mother -in -law knew, she insisted on asking me to fight. We told her all her thoughts.

Recently, a "mother -in -law, should you hate it?""The post was posted by the netizen" Ai Wenxuan "in a forum, which attracted the attention of many people and quickly spread.The netizen revealed that her mother -in -law resolutely advocated that she would kill the fetus because she was afraid of the influence on the fetus.

What made her feel awkwardly was that the child was born safely, but her mother -in -law seemed to forget it, and she was so happy to meet the child every day.The netizen sighed: "This thorn is tied in my heart, I will never forget!"

After posting, some netizens stood on the side of "Aiwen", thinking that "it is not the thought of the mother -in -law but the attitude, it may be for the sake of children and adults, but the attitude is chilling."Other netizens also understand the mother -in -law’s approach, and they can’t see who is right and wrong.

But in the opinion of the editor, if you want to distinguish who is wrong, the first thing you need to understand is a famous theory in the early pregnancy- "all or nothing."

The principle is that before 4 weeks of pregnancy, if some taboo drugs were taken during this time, or exposed to X -rays, there would only be two results for babies in the stomach.Either fertilized eggs are not affected at all, they are completely healthy, or they have a natural abortion.Because during this period of time, the fertilized eggs have not yet begun organs differentiation. If the negative factor outside the world is too strong, the fertilized eggs will not be able to bed. If the negative factors of the outside world are too small, only a few cells will die.The eggs continue to develop smoothly.

At the same time, the doctor mentioned at the beginning also said that there is no evidence that the chest threatening during pregnancy will definitely cause fetal malformations. Even if ordinary people have the probability of birth deformed children.The problem is not too late.

What is the cause of fetal defects in TIPS?

Babies born every year, about 3%to 4%of fetal defects occur, and in this ethnic group, 70%of babies usually find out of congenital abnormalities after birth. Most of the reasons are unclear.There is no high risk factors.However, clinically found that it may be caused by nerve or muscle abnormalities, or too little amniotic fluid, so that the fetal hands and feet are squeezed and deformed for a long time.The diameter is long and the diameter is relatively flat.In addition, it may also be caused by external factors such as hazardous drugs or harmful substances in early pregnancy.If you contact excessive radiation and lead during pregnancy, you may cause fetal defects. Pregnant mothers should avoid these external factors to prevent the possibility of fetal defects.

Under what circumstances need to detect whether it is abnormal?

Dr. Chen Fangyi said that if the pregnant mother suspects that the fetus may have defects or abnormalities, such as the age of the mother who is over 35 years old, the ultrasonic scanning of the birth checkup shows that there are problems, mothers or dad have genetic diseases, and children who have given birth to abnormalities need to arrange for arrangingFurther inspection.There are many types of examinations that can be found, such as routine ultrasonic examination, which include fetal size, number of fetal, placenta position, amniotic fluid amount, fetal weight, and obvious fetal malformations.Pregnant mothers with family medical history, if you are not assured of doing a routine ultrasonic examination, or have abnormalities in the previous child, if you want to check if there is serious defects in the fetal organs, it is recommended to arrange high at your own expense at your own expense.Hierarchical ultrasound or 4D ultrasonic inspection.

The end

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