During pregnancy, you cannot use medicine randomly, especially these 8 drugs, be careful to cause fetal malformations

Comprehensive protection must be done during pregnancy to ensure the health of pregnant women and fetuses.However, it is inevitable that headache and brain fever will inevitably occur during pregnancy. When symptoms are severe, medication must be treated with medicine.

1. Antibacterial drugs

If you are infected with yeast during pregnancy, you need to consult a doctor for medication, and you cannot just treat it by a antifungal drug.Active ingredients in antifungal drugs are likely to enter the fetal cord blood through the placenta barrier, which will affect the development of the fetus.

2. Anti -mental and sedative hypnotic drugs

Anti -psychiatric drugs can increase the risk of epilepsy in the fetus, and it is necessary to apply under the guidance of a doctor during pregnancy.In addition, no sedatives can be used during pregnancy, which will increase the risk of fetal abstaining symptoms.

3. Antibiotics

Most antibiotic drugs enter the fetus through the placenta, which can affect the fetal hearing nerve and cause congenital deafness.In addition, tetracycline and sulfa drugs can also cause fetal congenital malformations.It is now widely used for anti -infection drugs. Although it has a strong antibacterial effect and has strong effects, it can affect the development of fetal cartilage.

4. Mission and anticoagulation drugs

Do not use laxatives during pregnancy, otherwise it will cause reflex uterine contraction, which will cause premature or abortion.At the same time, anticoagulants are not used, which can cause fetal malformation.

5. Anti -heat -relieving analgesic drugs

If you use aspirin in the early stages of pregnancy, you can cause kidney, cardiovascular and nervous system deformities and cleft lip and palate.Election pain can cause arterial pipes to close prematurely.

6. Hormone and vitamin drugs

Sex hormone drugs can affect the gender development of the fetus, and even cause the fetal genital differentiation.If a large number of vitamin drugs are taken during pregnancy, the fetal malformation rate will be increased.

7, thyroxine and anti -tumor drugs

During pregnancy, if anti -thyroid drugs and thyroxine are used to stimulate the fetus. If necessary, you need to obey the doctor’s advice.Anti -tumor drugs during pregnancy may cause multiple congenital defects in the fetus.

8. Medicine

As long as the instructions are labeled with prudent medicines used by pregnant women or for pregnant women, they cannot be used, because the components of Chinese herbal medicine preparations are very complicated and there are many mechanisms for action. Pregnant women must be cautious when using it.

Kind tips

Try not to take medicine during pregnancy, so as not to affect the fetus. You need to understand which drugs cannot be taken during pregnancy, and you need to choose drugs with high safety and small side effects even if you use medicine.Women with chronic diseases need to reduce the dosage during pregnancy, and choose drugs reasonably under the guidance of a doctor, and try to stop medication as much as possible.

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