During pregnancy, you can actually have the same room, but in these cases, it is not recommended to live a husband and wife life

If you want a woman to get pregnant, the husband and wife have to have the same room, so before pregnancy, it is estimated that the same room will be arranged reasonably. Even some couples will increase the number of times in the same room in order to get pregnant quickly.

When women are pregnant, some couples may choose to have different rooms throughout pregnancy to ensure that their fetuses can develop healthy.

For a full 10 months of pregnancy, coupled with women’s postpartum recovery, it takes about 2 to 3 months, so it will not be in the same room for nearly a year.

For a whole year, it may not be a problem for women, but for many men, it may be a very torment, so many men are derailed during pregnancy.

In order to avoid her husband’s derailment during his pregnancy, some women have a headache. I don’t know if they can have room with her husband during pregnancy.So today we will tell you that during pregnancy, can my husband and wife live, does it affect the fetus?

During pregnancy, you can live a husband and wife, but there is time to ask.

The first three months of pregnancy is a critical period for fetal development. It is easy to occur in the fetal development department. Therefore, in the first three months of pregnancy, the same room is strictly prohibited.

After entering the second trimester, the fetal development has gradually stabilized. At this time, the husband and wife can arrange the same room reasonably, but the number of times in the same room should not be too frequent.When you have symptoms of abdominal pain or bleeding, go to the hospital for examination in time.

After entering the third trimester, the pregnant woman’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the scenery is getting closer and closer. At this time, in order to ensure that the fetus is healthy, couples are better not to be in the same room.

Although it is said that in the second trimester, the pregnant couple can have an appropriate amount in the same room, but there are some pregnant women. Due to the special situation, even if they are in the middle of pregnancy, they cannot have the same room. They may cause irreparable harm to the fetus.

Does the same room affect the fetus during pregnancy?In these cases, it is not recommended to have a husband and wife life

There has been a history of abortion: In fact, many women may have a history of miscarriage before giving birth. If there have been abortion surgery before and even multiple abortion surgery, it is easy to occur in unstable fetal development.So in order to ensure that the fetus can be born healthy, I hope you can hold it during pregnancy.

There are signs of threatened abortion: For example, during pregnancy, vaginal bleeding or lower abdomen pain occur. The doctor said that you have signs of threatened abortion. Then, in this case, no matter what period, even in the middle of pregnancy, it is also a period of pregnancy.If the life of a husband and wife is strictly prohibited, don’t let yourself regret it because of the joy of the picture.

The prospective dad suffers from disease: Although it is said that in the second trimester, it can be in the same room, but if the father has a disease, it is best not to do the same room during pregnancy, because the pregnant woman’s physical resistance and immunity are weak, and it may be when the same room may be in the same room.Cross -infections may endure the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

If you have the above situations, it is best not to have the same room during pregnancy. Persist after giving birth!Do you have other questions or supplements on this, welcome to leave a message in the comment area below. You can also pay attention to the editor and share some parenting knowledge with you every day.

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