During pregnancy, why are some pregnant women fat, but some are fat?Mainly related to three points

Although many women know that their bodies will definitely change after pregnancy, they will still find some ways to control their weight, so as not to soar their weight, so as not to improve quickly after giving birth.But some pregnant women will find that their weight is soaring.

Xiaole resigned directly after pregnancy, raising a fetus at home, not to say that she did not want to work, but because the doctor reminded him that the fetus was not stable, and it was likely to be in danger. Therefore, Xiaole had to give up his work.Raise your heart at home.In addition, everyone in the family is particularly good to him, especially after learning Xiaole’s body, every meal is very prepared, and he is afraid that Xiaole will move back and forth.To Xiaole’s room.Throughout pregnancy, Xiaole walked around when he went to the toilet, and spent most of his time on the bed or sofa.

After the pregnancy test again, the doctor said that the fetus is now stable, which can let Xiaole go out.While walking around Xiaole’s gynecology, she found that some mothers were obviously the same month as herself, but why is it much thinner than herself?The whole person is as fat as a ball. From the back of the other person, he can still see the waist of the snake, which makes Xiaole very bad.

Although Xiaole has decided to control her diet since then, she still feels hungry every day after eating, so Xiaole has to prepare for supper every day, afraid to be hungry to the child, but because of this, Xiao Le fat is fat.unstoppable.

In fact, this phenomenon has made many people puzzled. When some people are pregnant, they just have a larger belly and have not changed significantly, but they gradually become obese.EssenceBut as long as you understand, you will find whether you are fatter during pregnancy and have a great relationship with these points.

Women will definitely have a variety of reactions after pregnancy. Of course, every woman’s response is different.But there is one thing we need to understand, that is, with the changes of hormones in the body, pregnant women will definitely have a certain impact.For example, some pregnant women will start nausea and vomiting and lose their appetite, so these pregnant women often don’t like to eat, and they can be hungry for a long time as soon as they are hungry.

There is also a pregnant woman who feels that they are not nutritious enough, so they will not want to eat more things, so the mouths of these pregnant women are idle for a moment.It is precisely because of these two different methods, so some pregnant women are very fat, and some pregnant women are just fat.

Of course, most pregnant women will be fat all over. After all, they will never make themselves hungry, because once they are hungry, they will affect the children in their stomachs.Another possibility is the movement of the exercise. The reason why there are some pregnant women will be fat, because they are not as good as they are imagined.Some pregnant women will resign and go home after discovering that they are pregnant.

I have to eat every day except sleeping and never exercise.Although they also know that such a way to raise tires is not suitable, they have no way to change such problems.

And some pregnant women pay special attention to their bodies. Even if they are pregnant, they will choose to continue to exercise their bodies and perform some appropriate exercise, which will not only make their resistance more and more stronger and strongerIt can also consume excess fat, so these pregnant women will not be fat.Of course, all this is also very related to the personal constitution. The reason why a person is fat is because their physique belongs to a fat constitution, which has nothing to do with whether pregnancy.For example, some pregnant women often order burgers fried chicken at night after pregnancy, but they will not grow meat when they eat a lot of things.

Although some pregnant women seem to be diet constantly, as long as they eat a little bit, the weight will continue to rise, so all this is related to physical fitness.Of course, no matter what kind of situation, pregnant women should ensure their own physique so that they can make their bodies not any problems.Of course, if pregnant women want to make their bodies in a healthy state, then they should still eat more vegetables. After all, there are many rich vitamins in the vegetables, so that the pregnant woman can control their figure.

And in the usual life, you should not eat too much greasy things. You should eat more protein content, so as to ensure that your body does not have any problems.If pregnant women can still exercise appropriately at this time, then it will be better.

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