During pregnancy, when pregnant women sleep at night, if these situations occur, don’t care!

Pregnant women are sleeping badly during various reasons during pregnancy.Does pregnant women have a bad sleep affect the fetus?The answer is of course, and it has a great impact.So, what does pregnant women have poor sleep on the fetus?What should I do if pregnant women do not sleep well?Next, I will introduce this aspect.

What does pregnant women have poor sleep on the fetus?

1. Pregnant women do not sleep well and have a negative emotion. Negative emotions cannot relieve their mothers and emotional anxiety. If this situation is not resolved in time, as the insomnia time is prolonged, it will not only affect the mother’s own resistance themselves.Power will also aggravate their bad emotions. Over time, it will indirectly affect the health of the baby in the belly.

2. If the lack of sleep affects the body’s function, the health of the fetus will be risky.If you fall asleep while driving, or staggered because of extreme fatigue, or even falling, your baby may suffer with you.

3. The impact on the baby.Long -term negative emotions will cause adverse reactions to the fetus, some are difficult to give birth, or crying after the baby is born.Experts found in a study of pregnant women at 18-32 weeks of pregnancy and found that pregnant women with high depression and anxiety will have different degrees of behavior and emotional problems at the age of 4, such as excessive active and unable to concentrate their energy.Wait, the incidence is 2-3 times that of normal people.

When pregnant women sleep at night, if these three situations occur, try not to care!

1. Always wake up frequently at night

Because the uterine change conference is compressed to the bladder and the pregnant mothers often have urine, some pregnant mothers always run to the toilet at night, so they seriously affect the quality of sleep during pregnancy.It may also be that some pregnant women are deficient in calcium, causing cramps, which will also affect the sleep of pregnant mothers.Some pregnant mothers are more nervous after pregnancy, worrying about the development of the fetus, so they often feel anxious.Many expectant mothers have a serious pregnancy response, nausea, and less meals, so that they often wake up in the middle of the night.If you eat too much, cause indigestion to affect the quality of pregnant women’s sleep. Frequent wake -up nights will cause damage to the mother’s body, and it will also make the mother’s irregular work and rest.The adverse effects will affect the development of the fetus over time.

2. Netal dreams that I can’t finish at night

Dream is the desire of subconsciousness. Due to the lack of inspection during sleep, he took the opportunity to bypass resistance with camouflage and break into consciousness to become dreams.The content of the dream is not to be suppressed and desire, and must be analyzed or explained.Relying on dreams is to find the true root of dreams.After dreaming at night, I feel weak during the day. In fact, this is a psychological factors.The dreamer always associates the content of the dream with the unpleasant things in his mood, so that the burden of thought is aggravated, the emotions are suppressed, and there will be various unwell phenomena.Make your body more and more tired.It is recommended to relax and take peace of brain liquid treatment.

3. Always sweat at night

When pregnant women sleep, if sweating is severe or night sweats, many pregnant women will attribute this situation to the fever of pregnancy. In fact, it is not this., Generally, there are symptoms of physical deficiency. Mom exclude sweating caused by sleeping environment. If sweating for a long time will make the mother’s body more and more false. This is that the mother must pay attention to it.It’s a good thing. In the long run, go to the mother to go to the mother not only the body will collapse, but it will also harm the health of the fetus. Once such symptoms occur, it is best to go to the hospital in time and ask the doctor to help.

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