During pregnancy, there are these situations on the underwear of pregnant mothers. It may be that the baby is asking for help. Pay more attention to

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Each mother is relatively sensitive when she is pregnant. In fact, the pregnant mother is sensitive to no problem, but it cannot be sensitive. It is precisely knowing which signals are the most important thing for babies to convey signals with pregnant mothers. The baby in the pregnant mother’s bellyUncomfortable is not necessarily just the stomach pain in the pregnant mother, and it will also cause the pregnant mother’s body to have some other reactions. If the mothers know these knowledge in advance, they are very good for themselves and their babies.

Tingting has been pregnant for five months. Usually Tingting is well taken care of by her family. Tingting, who is going to give birth at home, often go to the park to take a walk, but Tingting finds that after each exerciseLogistics, Tingting felt that this should not be blood stains when she washing her underwear. At first, she didn’t care very much, because she was shy and did not mention it to her family, but one day Tingting was walking.Suddenly abdominal pain, after being taken to the hospital, the doctor said that if later, the child may not be able to keep it. Tingting’s endocrine during pregnancy is seriously unbalanced and affects the development of the fetus.Essence

1. There is a darker secretion on the underwear

If the pregnant mother often appears darker secretions on the underwear, and even the color is tan, and sometimes it will become deeper and deeper. This is likely to be more dangerous.The baby in it is a very uncomfortable signal. At this time, the pregnant mother must go to the hospital to check it immediately. Don’t think it is okay for granted.

2. There is a colorless discharge on the underwear

Pregnant mothers usually secrete a lot of colorless and odorless secretions. This is a normal phenomenon, but pregnant mothers must change their underwear frequently and keep them clean. They usually wear more loose pants.

3. Whether color is not mixed with blood wire on the underwear

If the pregnant mothers have the same color on the underwear that are mixed with blood wire, this is a normal phenomenon, because the embryo of the early pregnancy will squeeze the uterine wall, so there will be blood wire. At this time, the pregnant mother does not need to be too nervous.

4. Red blood secretions on the underwear

If the red blood on the underwear and the amount is very large, it is not normal. It is likely to be a precursor of miscarriage. You must go to the hospital as soon as possible.

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