During pregnancy, pregnant women have made these dreams. Is the meaning true?

Is the meaning of fetal dreams true?

I do n’t know if the majority of netizens have had some strange dreams during pregnancy. When they tell these dreams to listen to their parents, they will tell you what these dreams mean during pregnancy.From the experience of having two dolls, it is not credible at all, all superstitious.If you do n’t believe it, let me tell you what dreams I have during Huai Dabao and Erbao. What is the result?

I found that I was pregnant in April 2009. I often had some strange dreams during pregnancy. I often dreamed of children who did n’t know.At about 5 months of pregnancy, I couldn’t remember it for 5 months or 6 months.One night I actually dreamed of the Buddha, and the dream was like this: I dreamed that I was holding a strange little boy, about three or four years old, walking on a rugged small mountain road.This small mountain road is the only way to go to school every day in my childhood, and there is a hill next to me. Half of the villagers in the villagers will grow crops, and the other half still maintains the original mountain forest. This mountain is back.On the south side, half of the sun is only shining in the evening. Because there are trees to cover the mountains, it is also cool, and my father’s grave is also in this wood.In the dream, I held the little boy’s hand towards my father’s grave. When I walked halfway, I suddenly saw that the sky was glittering. Although I did not see the Buddha’s dedication, I saw it as soon as I saw it.I was particularly sure of the golden light of the sky. This is the light emitted from the Buddha. A strange scene immediately appeared. I saw that the sky in the sky was a golden bird.This golden bird also exudes golden light. I saw this kind of scene in my dream a little scared. I subconsciously hugged the little boy around me to hide, but there was no place to hide, so I pulled the little boy to run, butI couldn’t run, and I woke up afterwards.Later, the old man at home said that this dream indicates that the baby in my stomach is a intelligent male baby. When he grows up, it will be very good. This is the first dream.

Let’s talk about my second dream: In November 2016, I was pregnant for the second time, and when I was five or six months pregnant, I had another magical dream.In the dream, I stood by a large lake. Suddenly, the sky was thunderous, and the clouds were rolling.Suddenly there were two blue dragons appeared in the sky, and they hovered in the air. After a while, the two green dragons flew directly from the sky to the lake.In the circle, although I was standing on the shore in the dream, my feelings told me that I was sitting on one of the blue dragons. As the Qinglong hovered in the lake, the dream was awake here.EssenceI did not tell the family of the older generation at home. Out of curiosity, I checked the meaning of such a dream on the Internet. As a result, the result I found was: pregnant women dream of Qinglong, which is the body’s body development in the abdomen.Good, have a boy, and the boy is also a pillar material, it sounds happy.

Now that my family is 12 years old, I receive a complaint from the teacher for three days. It is really going to be alive and not worrying at all. It can be seen that the meaning of the first dream is not credible.Besides, Erbao is now 4 or four years old. In the early stage of conceived, I lay on the bed for a month on the bed because of the redness. After doing chromosomal examination, I said that there was the risk of Tang’s syndrome.I was relieved after 15 days. God knew how I came here for 15 days. I thought about it all day long, and I couldn’t sleep at night.Finally, the due date is finally, and everything is normal to check at nine months. As a result, during the check -ups of the first Monday, the doctor said that the baby is sitting in the stomach, the hip position, the umbilical cord is still around the neck., I do fetal position correction exercises every day. During the last week of examination, the doctor told me that the umbilical cord was gone, the fetal position was still hip position, and I dared to love me for half a month.My belly was a knife.I thought that as long as it was healthy, it hurts, and the tolerance passed. The sisters of the caesarean section should know how it was difficult for the next week.Do you think it is over, haha.EssenceEssenceThen I watched how the kid tossed his mother -in -law. The day before the discharge, the doctor who took a bath for the baby to tell me that the baby may have a disease. When I heard it, I felt that my brain was buzzing.The vertebra does not evolve into bending like a normal person’s tail vertebra. The baby’s tail vertebra is straight, and the skin in the tail vertebra has a little wrinkles. It is generally a manifestation of spine cracks like this.I cried straight, and I felt that the sky was about to collapse. The doctor suggested that when I was 3 years old, I went to do MRI. If the general situation was serious, it would develop slowly during infants and stop developing at the age of three or four.After the doctor left, we contacted a obstetrician and gynecologist in the hospital. It was a village. After seeing Erbao, she said that although the tail spine of Erbao is different from normal people, it is not in line with the spinal cracked disease.The spine crack occurs in the lumbosacral region instead of the tail vertebra. Even if it is an invisible spine crack, it is generally not necessary to treat it. If it is not good, the lumbar disc herniation will appear after adulthood.Injury.It is said that the baby’s situation is that the folic acid did not make up the amount in the early stages of pregnancy that caused no development, and there was not much problem. If we were not assured, we could wait for Erbao to do nuclear magnetic resonance examinations. In the futureInjuried.Now that Erbao is 4 years old, everything is normal, that is, it is naughty that I want to stuff him into my stomach and not give birth. This seems that the second dream is not allowed.

It can be seen that the meaning of fetal dreams is indeed not accurate, but there is a strange thing that my two treasures are indeed boys, and the meaning of the two dreams is that they are pregnant with boys. I do n’t know if it is a coincidence …… …

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