During pregnancy, my mother -in -law gave me medicine, the baby did not keep it, my mother -in -law gave me 90,000, my husband and me divorced

“”And my husband are high school classmates. After graduating from college, we have worked for three years after graduating. We ended up for 7 years of love long -distance running and entered the palace of marriage.The life after marriage was originally happy and happy, however, the arrival of her mother -in -law changed everything …

My husband and I are a high school classmate. After graduating from college, we worked for three years after graduating from college. We ended up for 7 years. We walked into the palace of marriage. My husband was a software engineer and his salary was very good.I am the financial staff of a company.We also bought a house in the city after several years of hard work.In the second year after getting married, my daughter was born. I took a 6 -month maternity leave and continued to work. My husband asked my mother -in -law to come from the countryside to help us bring our children.However, due to the differences between living habits and educational concepts, I often have contradictions with my mother -in -law, and even quarrel …

At the age of 63, her mother -in -law, authentic farmers, and her thoughts still stayed a long time ago.One night, her daughter was crying and refused to sleep. She hugged her daughter and cursed the child while holding her daughter.After taking a shower, I took the daughter from her hands and said to her, "Mom, the baby is only a few months old, she doesn’t know anything. We need to coax her gently and scold her loudly.Noisy. "

Who knows that her mother -in -law not only appreciated, but also accused me of being doting the child. She would be spoiled without saying what she did not admonize from a young age.

"Children cry must be for a reason, either hungry or urine pants." I said.I hurriedly looked at the baby’s urine. Sure enough, the baby was stool.

"Mom, you need to change your baby’s urine, you have to check it frequently." I didn’t expect my mother -in -law to speak louder: "How do I know when she was urinating?Go home tomorrow. "

I looked at my husband helplessly, hoping that he could stand on me to support me.

But my husband frowned and said to me: "My mother has a wealth of parenting experience, you have to respect her opinion. This time may be negligence, don’t do it in a small question."

My husband’s words made me feel very chilling.Mother -in -law looked at me with a demonstration.

For me to work with peace of mind, my mother -in -law’s provocations chose to bear it.In this way, we spent 3 months in constant quarrels. At this time, the baby can eat the relatively sparse porridge.One day, the unit’s power outage I went home early.As soon as I entered the door, I saw my mother -in -law was feeding the baby porridge. The mother -in -law put the porridge beside her mouth, and then licked it with my tongue, which meant that I felt that I would not be hot, and then fed it to the baby to eat.This scene happened to be seen by me. I walked in front of my mother -in -law to take her porridge in front of my mother -in -law and said loudly: "Mom, you are not hygienic like you." My mother -in -law was shocked by my move and said loudly: "What are you doing? How are you hygienic? My children are so big, and all of them have grown up healthily. "

I replied weakly: "The child is very small now and there is no resistance. You can easily infect her bacteria like this." In this way, my mother -in -law and I quarreled with a word.My mother -in -law was a argument master, how can I quarrel with her.I took out my mobile phone and called my husband and told his mother -in -law just now. The husband on the other side of the phone said impatiently, "Why are you so many things?You are too sensitive, and she is my mother. In any case, you can’t quarrel with her. My mother will bring us children from the countryside.

After listening to the tears, my tears blurred my eyes in an instant. I didn’t expect my husband to stand on the side of her mother. I understand that for my mother -in -law, my husband is always her baby son.In my husband’s heart, the words of my mother -in -law seem to be higher than me.My husband’s dislikes and reluctance to me, which made me start to reflect, what exactly is left in our marriage.I want to wait until my daughter is in kindergarten, so that my mother -in -law will go back so that our little family can restore the calmness of the past.It’s just that people are not as good as heaven. In August last year, I found that I was pregnant unexpectedly.

When her mother -in -law heard the news, she clapped her hands excitedly and said to her husband, "It’s great! Our old Geng family has it." Her husband also smiled.

I said I didn’t want this child, and my mother -in -law immediately turned her face and had to noisy with me.Husband pulled her mother -in -law into the room. After ten minutes, her husband came out.He held me, kissed me, and began to coax me all kinds of economic conditions, and his daughter needed a younger brother or sister to be accompanied.He also said that no matter whether the boy and the girl are, it is our treasure.I thought about it, and nodded and agreed. From my heart, a child was really too lonely.

After that, her mother -in -law changed her person and no longer said coldly to me.She changed her pattern every day and asked me to warm up.She also boiled Chinese medicine and asked me to drink a bowl every day, saying to supplement me nutrition, and let the fetus grow healthy.

One day, I accidentally heard that my mother -in -law called in the toilet. It turned out that those Chinese medicines were bought by her natives in the countryside. It is said that it can greatly increase the chance of having a boy.

Then I understand my mother -in -law’s intentions.My heart suddenly mentioned my throat, worried that those drugs would have a adverse effect on the fetus.I immediately ran to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that the fetus is currently developing normally, but it can no longer take medicine anymore.Come to check regularly in the later period to ensure the health of your child.

After I came back, I told my mother -in -law what I took medicine to my husband. After listening, my husband was very concerned about the child’s situation, and he didn’t blame his mother.I said to my husband, "Ming, I am very worried about whether my child is healthy now, because my mother has given me that medicine for nearly two months. If I decide not to want this child, will you agree?"

After listening, my husband said very angrily: "The doctor is not saying that it is normal now. What are you worried about? I asked my mother that medicine. My mother said that I wanted to have a boy in the village.Think so much. "

One month later, I was not assured to do a check -up again. This time, the doctor said that the child’s heart is not very uniform, and it is likely that when you grow up, you will have congenital heart disease.It is recommended that I discuss with my family. This child does not want it.I quickly called my husband as soon as possible. My husband asked me to wait for him in the hospital. He immediately came to verify.Half an hour later, my husband hurried to me in front of me. I repeated the words that the doctor just said, and repeated it to him.My husband found the doctor just now. The doctor said that, it is recommended not to.

Old publicly took the car and we were ready to go home. I did not speak with my husband along the way. I can see that my husband is in a very bad mood.As soon as the mother -in -law entered the door, he took his daughter to play the puzzle game. When he saw us back, his mother -in -law asked, "How is it, everything is normal?" I could no longer cover my heart, and we cried tightly in my nest.Her husband started to yell at the mother -in -law: "The baby is very abnormal, the doctor let us not want this child! All of this is caused by you! The doctor said it was drinking that medicine." The mother -in -law did not speak for a long time after listening to it., Looked at the distance dullly, didn’t say a word.

The next morning, I got up to change my daughter’s urine and found that my mother -in -law’s door was open. I looked at it subconsciously and found that my mother -in -law’s bed was stacked neatly.At that time, I didn’t think much at that time, thinking that my mother -in -law went out to buy food.After a while, her husband got up and went to work. She asked my mother where did they go?I didn’t know, I didn’t see it when I got up.My husband tried to call his mother’s call. No one answered. Both my husband and I realized that mothers may be too blame and want to calm down.I thought my mother -in -law would come back in a while.

At noon, her mother -in -law came back and sweated.When I saw this, I asked, "Mom, where are you going? I and your son are worried about death, and you don’t answer the call."

At this time, my mother -in -law took out a bundle of money from the shoulder bag and handed it to me and said, "Xueer, my mother is sorry for you, it is the mother who hurts you. This is the money of your mother and your dad.The card is installed on my body, I am worried that your dad will lose at home. I will bring it on your home this time. I just went to the bank. A total of 90,000 yuan was our savings.On the one hand, the operation was done, and the other was resigned to raise my body. When the body is better, plan and have a plan. I will return to my hometown after you have finished the operation.I’m a bit home. "After speaking, my mother -in -law shed tears.

Three days later, I finished the operation, and my mother -in -law took care of me for another month. One month later, my mother -in -law decided to return to her hometown. When she left, her husband stuffed 90,000 yuan into her shoulder bag and said to her, "Mom, your heart we have received your heart.These money is the hard -earned money of you and my dad for a lifetime. I can’t ask for your money. After returning, you and my dad should pay attention to your body and take good care of yourself. "

I was going to send her to the station with my mother -in -law. On the road, my mother -in -law gave me a card of 90,000 yuan again, and said, "Xueer, you collect the money, otherwise I will blame it for a lifetime. You will accept it.I will feel better in money. "I looked at my mother -in -law’s sincere look, and I received 90,000 yuan.Send her mother -in -law into the car and tell her to pay attention to safety on the road, and then I returned.

After returning, I told my husband to my husband to my husband. I didn’t expect my husband to say very excitedly: "Zhao Xue, you only have money in your heart, that 90,000 yuan is my mother and my dad’s life.A very selfish person, if you don’t return the money to them, even the days of our two are coming. "After speaking, my husband slapped it on my face fiercely.

This slap suddenly woke me up. Since I always stop my husband standing with my mother -in -law, I sacrificed too much for this family. I endured the hot pain on my face and hugged my daughter to rush out of the house.Looking back, he shouted to your husband: "Geng Ming, get married until now, you have always had opinions on me. What is the ability to fight your wife? I want to divorce the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow."The daughter took a car back to her mother’s house.

My family, I shared this matter, I want to hear everyone’s opinions. Did I really do wrong about this?

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