During pregnancy, itchy skin is prone to occur in these parts of the body!Copy in time, don’t care about it

The pregnant mother Xiao Li is now about 6 months pregnant. Recently, she feels that there is always an inexplicable itching on her body. She feels panicked and she wants to grab it with her hands. For this reason, she is worried that she is sick.

In fact, it is very common in skin itching in the middle and late pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers have had itching in these parts below!

Breast itching

After women’s pregnancy, physical hormones will change. Breast cells in breasts will be split and develop quickly, and they are sufficient for postpartum breastfeeding. At this time, itching and pain of breasts will occur. This is normal.Don’t worry too much about pregnant mothers.


In the middle of pregnancy, the fetal growth rate is relatively fast, and the amount of amniotic fluid in the palace will increase, which will cause the growth rate of skin tissue to not keep up with its expansion speed.If the function becomes weak, it will become very sensitive, and itching will come.

Private itching

During pregnancy, the number of private processes in the mother will increase, coupled with the relatively high temperature of the private parts, and the bacteria are easy to reproduce, and because the pregnant mother’s resistance is weak, it is easy to be violated by germs, so itching in private parts is also common.

However, because the relationship between the private parts and the uterus is very close, and the lesions in the private parts can easily affect the development of the fetus. Therefore, if the pregnant mother appears itching, it is best to go to the hospital for examination. The medicine should be used in time.

Since itching for skin itching during pregnancy, what should pregnant mothers do to prevent and cope?There are a few precautions below, you need to pay more attention to pregnant mothers!

The clothing is suitable and changed diligently

It is easy to cause or aggravate skin itching during pregnancy and tight clothing during pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women try to wear cotton, soft and loose clothes as much as possible.

In addition, women have accelerated metabolism during pregnancy, skin secretions increase, and bacteria are prone to breeding. Therefore, pay attention to changing clothes, especially underwear, underwear, etc. to prevent itching of the skin.

Reasonable diet

To prevent and respond to itching of the skin, pregnant mothers need to maintain a light and reasonable diet.First of all, pregnant mothers should eat less or not spicy and irritating foods as much as possible.

Secondly, eating more foods rich in collagen can effectively increase skin elasticity, which can effectively prevent the production of stretch marks and reduce skin itching. Therefore, pregnant mothers can take such foods appropriately.

Furthermore, the lack of water and dryness of the skin is a major cause of itching in the skin, so pregnant mothers can prevent skin itching through sufficient drinking water.


The greater the pressure, the more serious the skin itching. Therefore, pregnant mothers must learn to regulate emotions and relieve stress.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers usually relax their minds and minds by doing exercise, and can also relax by listening to music, watching movies, etc.In addition, if you encounter annoyance during pregnancy, you must actively talk to your family and friends. Do not suppress your heart to avoid harming your health.

Bathing correctly

Pregnant mothers’ skin secretion of sweat and fat is relatively fast, so it is necessary to clean the skin often to reduce skin itching.However, it should be noted that the bathing product with too high temperature and alkaline washing products will aggravate the symptoms of skin itching. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to avoid these two points.

In addition, after each cleaning, pregnant mothers should apply moisturizing skin care products in time to keep the skin moisturizing.

The above are some knowledge about skin itching during pregnancy and how to deal with it. I hope to help everyone’s mother.Of course, if the pregnant mother feels itching and itching, she should seek medical treatment in time to ensure the safety of the fetus and herself!

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