During pregnancy, hypothyroidism is suffered from abortion!This can resolve the crisis well

Experts in this article: Li Yan (Deputy Director of the Department of Endocrinology, Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University)

In the life of a woman, which period is the most nervous and most concerned?I am afraid that it is a new life period.

Giving birth to a healthy baby peacefully, it is bound to be countless expectant mothers praying for thousands of times.

However, if unfortunately suffering from hypothyroidism during such an important life period, what should expectant mothers go?

"I always thought that my body was so good, and even stronger than many men. But … how could such a thing fall on my head?

"After 27 weeks of pregnancy, a prenatal examination actually broke all the dreams of all the beautiful and complete dreams. Armal hypothyroidism, a strange, cold disease, fell on my head.

"What should I do? And what should I do with the poor, unbelievable baby?"

Indeed, hypothyroidism can be described as a "quiet" disease, and patients may sometimes do not have specific signs and symptoms.Many expectant mothers with infinitely beautiful dreams may only find that they suffer from hypothyroidism during a check.For mothers, this disease that makes them uneasy is as if they suddenly fell from the sky.

At this time, the prospective mother is most concerned about the safety of the baby in the belly.

In the body, the little life that has begun to become familiar with the blood of his blood, whether it is time to stay, has become the most difficult choice that cannot be predicted in front of you.

Leave the fetus, the baby hides health risks.The expectant mothers have hypothyroidism and are extremely lacking in thyroxine in the body.And thyroidine plays a vital role in the growth and development of the fetus, especially the development of the brain.Premium mothers suffer from hypothyroidism, not only increased risks such as miscarriage, premature birth, and death, but also may cause damage to the nerves and intellectual development of the fetus.Even if the baby is born safely, there may be adverse consequences such as abnormal physical development and reduced intelligence in the future.

Flowing the fetus is facing the risk of being difficult to get pregnant.The level of metabolic levels in hypothyroidism will inevitably affect normal ovulation, which will greatly reduce the chance of conception.If complications appear after abortion, it is even more difficult to predict whether you can get pregnant in the future.

Perhaps, for more prospective mothers, artificially "stifling" a small life that is hard to come by is unbearable anyway.

Well, you choose to leave the fetus.

At this time, the primary task of expectant mothers is to make up for the dead sheep -left thyroxine must be taken immediately. By supplementing exogenous thyroid hormones, the thyroxine levels in the blood quickly return to normal.

This is because during pregnancy, especially the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, the thyroid function of the fetus has not been fully established. The thyroxine required for brain development is mainly derived from the mother. At this timeIt’s big.

Taking drugs can just solve this crisis well.

Of course, many expectant mothers, just like netizens "grabbing the tiger", only found that there was a problem with the thyroid gland after 20 weeks of pregnancy.It has passed the most critical period of fetal brain development. At this time, it is not good to rely on drugs to save?

actually not.Studies have shown that if pregnant women suffering from hypothyroidism before 20 weeks of pregnancy, if left -like gland ainine is not given, the intellectuals at the age of 7 to 9 are lower than that of ordinary children.For the treatment of leftopropine, the IQ of its offspring is no different from ordinary children.In other words, the continuous reduction of thyroxine levels in pregnant women is the most critical factor affecting fetal nerve and intellectual development.

From this point of view, as long as you eat the magical small pills on time every day, you can save the baby in the belly.However, many expectant mothers are still worried.

In terms of concept, expectant mothers have always wanted to take medicine carefully.Once the drug has a adverse effect on the fetus, it is not fun.During pregnancy, left norexorine can be described as an exception.

Thyroxine is a kind of hormone that the human body is necessary and can synthesize itself.And hypothyroidism is actually a disease that cannot meet its own needs of thyroxine secreted by the human body.Therefore, for hypothyroidism, additional thyroxine is just a physiological alternative, which is equivalent to what is missing.

The left thyroxine is an artificial synthetic thyroxine. As long as the dosage is appropriate, it will never cause adverse reactions.

After treatment, maybe most expectant mothers will "lucky through the level" -the dream of giving birth to a healthy baby.However, the hundreds of days and nights that are suffering from being frustrated, full of fear, and worrying about the safety of the baby are unwilling to experience most expectant mothers.

If you don’t want to "make people" so hard, the best choice is to do your homework before preparing for pregnancy.

According to statistics, about 1 % of pregnant women have hypothyroidism, and 2.5 % of pregnant women are in sub -clinical hypothyroidism.From the perspective of eugenics and eugenics, women who go to the hospital before preparing for pregnancy to do pre -pregnancy examinations, including thyroid dysfunction, are definitely no disadvantages.

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