During my wife’s pregnancy, I was derailed

During my wife’s pregnancy, I was derailed. I was 35 years old. In others, my marriage career was smooth, and my wife was gentle and virtuous, but only I knew that my marriage was full of crisis.My wife and I were introduced by my friends. At first sight, we fell in love with each other and determined the relationship of love. We got married without a year.My wife is pregnant this year, I am very happy.Because the money I earned was enough to support the family, I asked my wife to resign at home and concentrate on the fetus.

Maybe because I have been working on work in recent years, I gradually ignored my wife’s feelings. It may also be that the world I was in contact with was different. I started to feel that I had no common language with my wife.And after his wife is pregnant, our husband and wife live a poor life.I went to a business trip three months ago and met another woman. At first sight, she was a woman who knew me better than my wife.I gradually fell in love with this woman, so I started to divide my love for my wife and family a little bit on her, but after all, the paper could not be covered, and my wife was soon discovered.

My wife didn’t make a big noisy as I thought, and said that if I really like to maintain a relationship with her, she will not divorce me. If I want to go home one day, she and the child will always wait for meEssenceMy wife’s performance surprised me and was ecstatic, so I assured to contact my lover, but then I became more and more torment in my heart.Every time I date my lover, I think of what my wife says, and I can’t help but have a guilt to my wife, and the dating of the other side is always absent -minded.

After three months, I finally couldn’t stand it. I completely cut off with the woman. In the last moment, I felt relieved.But when my wife knew it, and I was so happy, I no longer treat me as before.No matter how I please her, she is cold to me.So I was with my lover again. I think that if my wife was so indifferent to me when I turned back, I would not reach this step, all this was my wife’s fault.Now my guilt is gone, and I finally can finally be with her.

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