Drug flow vs flow: Which is really painless and small?

Professor Ouyang Clinic, often people consult a question-

I am pregnant by accident. I just want to choose the most harmful way. Is it choosing a drug flow or a flow of people?

Before answering this question, Professor Ouyang first reminded everyone that girls, what you should do most is to avoid pregnancy!Because whether it is drug flow or abortion, it is more or less damaged to the endometrium, which may cause gynecological inflammation, cervical uterine adhesion, endometriosis, etc., affecting menstruation, and even infertility for life.

The early pregnancy test paper is determined to be pregnant, but where is the baby’s arms still, you also need to ask a professional doctor to help you further judge. The first thing to do is go to the hospital to confirm whether it is an intrauterine pregnancy!After excluding the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, if you have no willingness to give birth, the doctor will stop your pregnancy according to your specific situation.

In general, it refers to the purpose of terminating pregnancy through oral drugs (rice non -olone+meterol). These two drugs can soften the cervix and induce contractions, so as to excrete the embryo tissue that lost activity out of the body out of the body.It is suitable for pregnancy within 49 days.

If the embryo will increase the chance of the failure of the drug flow, and once the larger embryo cannot be completely discharged, it is easy to get stuck in the cervical mouth, which may cause major bleeding.

The drug flow has a 7%to 10%failure rate. If the embryo tissue is discharged complete, it is necessary to remedy it through the Qing Dynasty surgery.

The flow of people is divided into negative pressure suction and tong scraping. At present, the painless abortion is common. It is the "easily three minutes" that many Putian hospitals boast. The advertisements are lightly described, but it is also risky.

You will be anesthetic before surgery, and then you will fall into sleep.The negative pressure suction palace uses a negative pressure to attract tubes into the uterine cavity and suck the pregnancy sac. This method is suitable for pregnancy within 10 weeks. Pie scraping is suitable for 10-14 weeks. At this timeThe round tongs are clamped out of the embryo tissue, and the residual tissue is cleared with a negative voltage electrical suction.

You should also have heard of various visible flow of abortion, painless palace, nano 4D microtubucta, etc. The smallpox blown by some hospitals is chaotic, but its essence is to terminate pregnancy.It is still the same surgical operation, but the equipment is quite high -end, which reduces pain and reduces the risk of incomplete flow.

But it does not hurt, it does not mean that there is no harm.

Whether it is drug flow or abortion, you must go to a regular hospital. Many small clinics have not strict disinfection, no complete equipment, and doctors are not professional enough in terms of technology., Infection, etc.

Here I advise everyone, instead of being worried about which way to hurt themselves, it is better to get pregnant.There are many high -efficiency contraceptive methods: in -palaces, condoms, subcutaneous burial, sterilization, long -acting contraceptive needles, compound short -acting oral contraceptives are all good choices. Why choose the most hurt way?


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