Drinking honey, you may be wrong in the first step, avoid these two misunderstandings, so that the nutrition of honey is better absorbed

Honey is often used in life. You can make tea or as desserts, and the nutrition is also very rich. Generally, the sugar content in honey is as high as 70%-80%, mainly fructose and glucoseA variety of vitamins, some organic acids, enzymes, and aromatherapy.

But today, Coco talks about the "health rumors" about honey. Is it true or false? What are the precautions when eating?


Four rumors about honey

1 Drink a cup of honey water during constipation, can you bow your intestines?

This is effective for some people.The laxative effect of honey is not because the honey itself has a laxative ingredient.

The reason is that on the one hand, it may be because of drinking honey water, the intake of water becomes more, which relieves constipation; on the other hand, it may be because "insufficient fruit sugar absorption", the water enters the intestinal cavity, and the volume of the stool increases.Easy to relieve constipation.

However, traditional medicine in my country believes that honey is sweet and flat, and returns to the spleen, lungs, heart, stomach, and large intestine meridians. It has the benefits of nourishing yin and drying, nourishing virtual lungs, so it has a certain relief effect on the constipation of intestinal dryness.

2 Can honey beauty and beauty?

Studies have shown that there are antioxidant phenols in honey, which can fight free radicals, thereby assisting delaying aging.

But it should be noted that if you eat a lot of honey in order to achieve the role of beauty, it will cause obesity.

3 Can honey water unlocking?

Some people think that the alcohol metabolism process needs energy consumption. It supplements honey or sugar water containing glucose, which can provide the energy required for alcohol metabolism, thereby promoting metabolism and accelerating bartending.

In fact, alcohol metabolism speed is mainly limited by acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, and it is difficult to accelerate glucose.

However, when drinking hypoglycemia after drinking, drinking honey can relieve the symptoms of discomfort.

4 Is honey crystal broken?

Actually not.Crystals and non -crystallization are just two different physical states of honey. Honey crystals are precipitated from honey to form grains, forming grains, and many crystal grains constitute the crystals we see.

Generally speaking, glucose in honey is the easiest to crystallize at about 13 ° C ~ 14 ° C. Crystal honey is more common in autumn and winter.


Precautions for honey

1 Honey cannot be brewed with boiling water

It is generally recommended to use water temperature below 60 ° C.

Studies have shown that in honey nutritional ingredients, enzymes, especially amylase, are extremely unstable to heat. This amylase will be degraded after boiling water, producing a large amount of hydroxytose, thereby destroying protein and vitamins in honey and vitamins, Nutritional substances such as apple acid.

2 control dosage

The daily consumption of adults should be controlled at about 25 grams, and children are about 10 grams.If you drink too much, the sugar in the honey cannot be decomposed in time, which will be converted into fat accumulation, causing obesity.


Three people, stay away from it

1 Patients with diabetes, gout

A large amount of glucose and fructose can cause blood sugar fluctuations and increase uric acid, so people with high blood sugar, high uric acid, and gout are not recommended.

2 Babies under 1 year old

In the process of brewing, transportation and storage, honey is vulnerable to contaminated by Botox.The infant gastrointestinal tract is incomplete, and the gastrointestinal detoxification function is also poor. It may cause a poisoning reaction after consumption, and it must be avoided.

3 Those who are taking cold medicine

Some enzymes in honey are easy to have a chemical reaction with acetaminol in cold medicines, affecting the absorption of the drug, and even the drug failure.

Summary today

Honey is rich in nutrition, and it is also very convenient to eat daily, but it should be noted that the sugar content of honey is relatively high ~

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