Drink Chinese medicine conditioning?67 -year -old mother naturally conceives a baby girl in a caesarean section

On October 25, Ms. Tian, a 67 -year -old woman in Zaozhuang, Shandong, gave birth to the next baby girl in a cesarean section. The mother was a natural daughter -in -law, which is the first case in the country.

67 -year -old mother naturally conceive production

As early as August this year, the child’s father Huang Weiping contacted the cord blood stem cell library in Shandong Province, reserving the umbilical cord of his wife when producing.Because the wife has degenerative arthritis and diabetes, the staff of the umbilical blood storage says that the umbilical cord can treat these diseases.

Relevant sources revealed that 68 -year -old Mr. Huang was a lawyer, and his wife was a medical staff at the hospital before retiring.Before this child, there was a child and a daughter. The son was born in 1977.Mr. Huang said that he would take good care of the child and give the child a special significant name "God", which means that the child was given by heaven.The person familiar with the matter also revealed that when I feel that the child is found, it is fate, so you can’t.

It is understood that Ms. Tian, a 67 -year -old woman, has now transferred from ICU to the general ward, and the child is still in the ICU ward.In the ward, Ms. Tian looks rosy and has a good condition.According to Ms. Tian, the pain in the knife mouth after surgery today after being transferred to the ward today is obvious, and her speech is weak.Unlike the feeling of being pregnant with a child when she was young, Ms. Tian bluntly said that this time it was too painful.

At present, the child’s situation is good, and the indicators are normal in all aspects. They are still observed in the ICU.Speaking of her pregnancy, Ms. Tian said it was completely an accident. At that time, she was bleeding and thought she was suffering from illness. She asked for medical consultation. Later, she found that she was pregnant. Ms. Tian was incredible at the time.After knowing that she was pregnant, she did not intend to ask for this child at first, but Ms. Tian’s wife, Mr. Huang, insisted on giving birth. In addition, experts and doctors of Zaozhuang Maternal and Child Health Hospital attached great importance to the establishment of an expert group before delivery.Opinions have also established a healthcare WeChat group after giving birth to ensure that children are foolproof.The child’s subsequent birth checkups are smooth.In the end, the old couple decided to give birth to the child.

I should have been the age of my grandparents. How can I still be my father and mother?Ms. Tian should belong to ultra -aged pregnant women.Generally, when we are 60 years old, we call it for the old age.The best childbirth age is before the age of 30.One thing that needs to be noted is that women generally have a menopause time.

Dr. Zhao Xiaoxi from the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia University said: The normal menopause time is 45 ~ 55 years old. If the menstruation does not come before the age of 45, it is called amenorrhea. Before the age of 40, it is also called premature ovarian failure.Of course, amenorrhea or premature ovarian failure are related to endocrine.

Deputy Director Shenyang’s Merri believes that normal women will not have amenorrhea, and amenorrhea is pathological, not physiological.Mentalities and menopause are physiological.The amenorrhea has not been menstruation for a long time, but menstruation will come after medication conditioning, and ovulation will be ovulated.Menstructed menopause is no longer ovulation, that is, menopause, between menopause between 49 and 52 in my country.

Although she is old, if she is still ovulation, she may be pregnant.There are also a lot of Bao Ma who pregnant after menstrual.

What are the problems of old -age child?

1. Is economic conditions permit?Elderly maternal (and husband) is already working hard, and some even retire, then the source of economic sources has become a big problem.From birth to grown, life, study, and family need money. If economic conditions are not allowed, the family pressure will be great.

2. Can the physical conditions be supported?When people are old, physical and physical functions will decline and decline, and the risks they face when giving birth are very high.Moreover, when you are old, your physical fitness is still easy to get sick. When he was a child, his child was at the age of playing and making trouble. The elderly Bao Bao Bao Mom is likely to be unhappy.

3. The pressure on the boss may increase.As the saying goes, "Home and Everything", but if the old mother is not losing her independence, then the boss in the family may have become a family, and may be worried or dissatisfied with the mother’s regeneration baby.The boss wants to raise his own little home and support his parents at the same time. At this time, the elderly parents have a younger brother and sister come out. The boss is likely to help take care of it, and the pressure is not small.

4. Are you ready?Elderly moms and dads bring their baby, sometimes they are mistaken for their grandchildren. Some people also say some bad words and need psychological preparation.

After all, after considering clearly, what else do you need to pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Relax.Some elderly women are pregnant on the premise of unsuccessful pregnancy, so they look particularly important.As soon as the mood of pregnant women is nervous, the fetus is likely to slip.Therefore, you must first adjust your mentality. Children are fate. Don’t force it if you don’t come. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself.Should eat, drink, take a good rest.

2. Examination during pregnancy.This is a must -do project for elderly mothers.In terms of physicalself, pregnant mothers are old and their physical function will inevitably decline, and pregnancy is a particularly physical and mental thing.Pregnant mothers should pay particular attention to the content of blood sugar and blood pressure. The probability of giving birth to abnormal children in elderly women is greater than the probability of normal pregnant mothers, so the role of examination is this.

3. Eat more high -protein food and sleep enough.In fact, most of the pregnant mothers are worried about the health of the pregnant mother and the health of the fetus.Therefore, it is a bit worried about diet.Eat more high -protein, low -fat, mild foods for pregnant mothers, drink less tea, coffee, fruit wine and the like.If an elderly woman wants enough immunity, there must be sufficient sleep.Ensure 8 hours of sleep at night, and you can take a nap properly at noon.

Moms should look at their physical condition. If they are not suitable for pregnancy, do not force it. Sometimes they have to die in their lives, and they will never force it all the time.But if you support your physical condition, pregnancy is not hopeless.What do you think of a 67 -year -old pregnant woman?You are welcome to communicate in the message area.

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