Drink a bottle of juice for a day, is it safe?Professional evaluation is here

"A doctor of apple away from me a day"

Many people think it is better than eating fruits

It is convenient to drink fruit juice. Many bottles of juice can be added at any time every day. Sometimes it is a day from morning to night, but you have considered you to drink for a day after the juice is opened?

The WeChat team of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission combined with the Shanghai New Consumer Research Center and the Shanghai Dibo Big Data Research Institute launched a special survey, and found that when you asked, "Will you drink it for a day when you drink a juice drink?"At that time, 44.2%of consumers said yes, 55.8%said.Nearly 50 % of consumers have a bottle of juice to drink a day.When I was asked, "How long do you think fruit drinks should be more suitable for drinking?", 18.2%indicates that within 6 hours, 50.7%indicate within 4 hours, and 21.8%indicate within 2 hours.Half of consumers think that it is appropriate to drink fruit juice within 4 hours.

But some consumers will worry: Can the juice after Kaifeng drink a day?

To this end, the WeChat team of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission selected 20 freshly squeezed and pre -packaged juice, covering common fruits such as apples, fresh orange, watermelon, coconut, etc., and commissioned Shanghai Yuanben Food Quality Inspection Co., Ltd.The total number of colonies of the product, the colorectal flora, and the E. colorectal Embysmiococci were tested.

(In particular, our testing environment this time is to simulate an office air -conditioning environment of about 25 ° C. If the environmental temperature rises, microorganisms will breed more.)

turn out:

The juice of concentrated restoration and NFC processes, that is, pre -packaged juice, drinks within 2 hours or 4 hours, whether it is the total number of colonies or the number of large intestinal floras within the limited range specified in the national standard.

After 6 hours of Kaifeng, only one watermelon juice and an orange juice have a total number of colonies exceeding the minimum limit specified in national standards, and the rest are within the scope of safety.The total number of colonies and colon flora in the detection environment that have not been opened in the detection environment are within the limited scope specified in the national standard.

The fruit juice with fresh water is squeezed, that is, freshly squeezed fruit juice. After drinking 2 hours after Kaifeng, the total number of colonies has exceeded the limited edition of national standards. The highest pear juice reaches 1500000CFU/ml.Freshly squeezed fruit juice, the total number of colonies also reproduces a lot over time. After drinking 4 hours or 6 hours, most of the colonies of freshly squeezed fruit juice exceeded the scope of the limited edition stipulated in the national standard.After 6 hours of Kaifeng, the total number of colonies increased by nearly 586 times compared to Kaifeng’s 2 -hour data.

The colonic Eleb iclia of freshly squeezed fruit juice after 2 hours and 4 hours of Kaifeng is within the standard limited range, but there is a different degree of growth. The highest watermelon juice reaches 430CFU/ml after 6 hours of Kaifeng.

Some friends will ask,

If the freshly squeezed juice bought is not opened,

Will it be better to drink in the afternoon?

The test found that the unopened freshly squeezed fruit juice was stored under environmental conditions. The total number of colonies and the number of Essence Esseletes also doubled over time, and some of them were stored in the range of limited editions stipulated in the national standard for 2 hours.

Judging from the overall results of this test, the hygiene of juice on the market is still very safe. Everyone can rest assured to buy at ease.However, when you drink fruit juice, you should pay attention to the drinking time prompt on the outer packaging.The WeChat team of the Municipal Consumer Insurance Commission found in the investigation that nearly 40 % of consumers did not pay attention to the drinking time prompts on the packaging of juice beverage packaging.When asking "some fruit juice drinks will indicate the prompt‘ after the XX hours’, you have finished drinking, you have noticed it? "64.8%of consumers said that they have noticed, and 35.2%indicate that they have not noticed.And these indicated that one bottle of fruit juice was noticed by the time reminders of the juice beverage packaging, the proportion of drinking juice was also higher.

The testing agency also recommends that you pay attention when buying juice and drinking juice:

Whether it is pre -packaged juice or freshly squeezed juice, it should be drunk as soon as possible. It is best to drink freshly squeezed fruit juice within 2 hours.

Finally, I hope that all fruit juice manufacturers will make eye -catching, clear and recognizable tattiations on the product packaging reminding us that our consumers can also drink healthy and rest assured!

(Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission)

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