Dreaming of what come from what parallel world really exists

My dream is puzzled, what I dream of coming!

One night, I dreamed of a miserable scene. In the ice and snow, my father was lying on the cold ground, and there was only a thin seat under my body. There was a thin quilt on my body.

When I saw this scene, I cried heartache, crying and crying, and woke up!

After waking up, my heart has been uneasy, because my dream is more accurate!

I dream of someone, this person will probably appear in front of me the next day, or in a few days.

One day I dreamed of a college roommate. She was a university teacher. When I woke up, she thought silently: This should not be realized because she is nearly a thousand miles away from me.

Who knows, a few days later, she received a call from her, saying that she came to our city for enrollment!

I asked in surprise: "Aren’t you a front -line teacher, why are you recruiting?"

She said: "This year, I was transferred to the admissions office, and was responsible for the enrollment of a region."

Suddenly speechless, Dream has been previewed by me!

Similar situations have appeared many times.

When I graduated from college, I was overwhelmed by the confusion of the future employment, returned to my hometown to employment, or employed a different place?

One night when I dreamed of my aunt and her child, I lived with them, and I felt that I had been for a long time.

In reality, I decided to stay in a big city. No matter how hard it is, I have to stay.I just successfully applied for a company, professional counterpart, and good treatment, but two months later, my father cheated me back to my hometown on the grounds of sick hospitalization.

After returning home, my hometown happened to recruit the staff of the public institution. I succeeded in winning. The admitted unit was very close to the aunt’s house. I often went to her house for dinner.

At this point, I understood the meaning of that dream!

At that time, Meng had told me the employment goal!

A colleague was not pregnant for two years. The young couple hurriedly saw a doctor, and they wanted to get pregnant.

One night, I dreamed that she had a child. I congratulated and hugged her child.

The next day, I quickly called her to say my dream.

She said excitedly: "That must be pregnant, because you are dreamy!"

Unsurprisingly, half a month later, her call came over and told me happily that she was pregnant!

My second treasure also dreamed before birth.

After the second child was open, I have been actively preparing for pregnancy, but three years have passed, and I have not conceived, so I gave up.

But one night, I dreamed of running a group of children from me, but a little boy turned back and pulled my clothes. Where I went, where did he follow, I lowered my head to see himHe smiled at me and looked very smart.

As a result, two months later, he found that he was pregnant, and he really gave birth to a healthy and smart boy!

One night, I dreamed of the death of my hometown, and my mother and I went to his funeral.

I woke up with a cold sweat. My neighbor was only in her 50s. My body was always good. The voice was loud and red.

Later, I forgot this dream. As a result, I heard my mother said that her neighbors had died a few months later.

I’m not surprised, because I have dreamed!

The neighbor had lymphatic cancer, and it was late to find it, and died in less than half a year.

So, when I dreamed of my father’s miserable scene, my heart caught, I hope my dream is reversed!

After half a year of dreaming, his father went to the hospital for gastroscopy for gastroscopy due to stomach pain. The result was gastric cancer. The doctor said that it was left for up to two years.

After three years of careful treatment, he did not keep his life after all.

On the day of the death, it was the cold winter moon, and the snow was under heavy snow …

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