Dream ~ Late & pregnancy

Many times we dream, but we don’t remember what we dreamed.It must be some reason to be able to remember all day, record the dreams, and look at the unexpected surprises after many years.

I had a dream last night. I started eating at Sanbo’s house. After eating, I was going to work. I was dragged and washed the tableware again.Seeing that the cousins they went far, we went to work together, they could catch up, and I was late.After looking at the time, I only left in less than ten minutes. I quickly set off and saw that the cousin came from a distance. I opened my mouth and wanted to ask him to drive me for a long time.Considering that the fuel costs have risen so much now, the mountain road is not easy to go. In the end, I still held back. I wanted to take a while to see that there were only 2%of the electricity left. I had to rush to the road all the way to take a bus.

A van came, and I jumped up without thinking.The ticket seller on the car was holding a cute baby in his hand. I saw that she was busy and took it over to help her hold it.Then I paid for a ticket, and two yuan for two dollars. Because I didn’t bring a mask, I gave her three dollars and asked her to sell a mask to me.

The car took a stop, and many people got out of the car.This car didn’t leave. I heard that it would be full of talents.The ticket seller got out of the car and went to a weekly transfer work.I followed and asked her when to drive?I said that I was going to be late.At the turnover station, she saw the baby in the car again, and she reached out to hug when she saw me.I think it is amazing. I just hugged her in the car for a while, and she recognized me.Of course I didn’t hug her again because I was in a hurry!At this time, there was someone who called me in the turnover station and handed me a large stack of 100 yuan bill. I only glanced at it and knew that it was fake money.I don’t know what the other person means, is it to hurt me?I was so scared that I didn’t dare to pick up the money, and hurried out.

When the style of painting turns, I am already in my hometown. Next to me is the young partner who played together "Yan".She said to me, "The group is back, let’s go to her to play!" Before we set off for her, the group came to us and saw her belly.Gasingly said, "My belly is bigger than yours!" At this time, I found a terrible problem. I held a big belly and touched it with my hands.Essence

I woke up like this and didn’t know the follow -up.

Baby Scale-(24inch)