Dream is related to health?

As the saying goes: "There is something in the sun, and there is dreams at night." People often associate dreams with real life, and are even used to predict some diseases.

Recently, Ms. Wang was not sleeping well and always dreamed. Although she had forgotten the content of the dream after waking up in the morning, she still felt particularly tired.In fact, everyone will dream, and everything in the dream may happen, because of its invisible and variability, dreams have always brought a layer of mysterious filter, so many people have a curious attitude towards dreams.

Especially when there are some troubled dreams, you will also think about dreams.So does our dream really have something to do with our health?


Dream is related to health?

Dr. Haifut, a nightmare research expert at the German Institute of Sleep, said that the nightmares are mainly divided into three types: the items that are threatened by chasing or life, lost their loved ones or loved ones, lost or are completely unfamiliar.

Such a dream is actually your emotions of your anxiety, fear, shyness, and guilt at night. Generally speaking, occasional nightmares will not affect your health, but you can regulate your emotions.

If you do nightmares often, you usually reduce your sleep quality to varying degrees and affect your immunity. Scientists point out that people are awakened during the day. External stimulus covering a weak signal of the disease, and external information at night enters human information.The weak signal and weak information from the diseased part accounted for an advantage, and it will constantly send it to the relevant parts in the brain, resulting in lingering nightmares.Therefore, frequent nightmares may be the "help signal" issued by the body, indicating that the occurrence, development, and return of certain diseases.

Some British scholars find that they often have nightmares, indicating that blood vessels in the brain are damaged or blood is not smooth, and it indicates that migraine or cardiovascular disease may occur, especially all night dreams.Chronic pain, experts list some common nightmares, which may be a sign of disease.

1. I often dream of being assassinated and beaten. After waking up, a certain part is still faintly painful, which may indicate that the corresponding organs have potential lesions.

2. Dreaming that he was chased by a gangster or beast, but he couldn’t move himself. He couldn’t shout. After waking up, his heartbeat faster, sweating, and his heart was insufficient.

3. I often dream that my body is relatively heavy, my body is skewed, walking unstable, and accompanied by suffocation, and even suddenly awakened, it may be the sign of angina pectoris.

4. I often hear some strange sounds or sounds in dreams. It may be that the human auditory center has lesions. The vascular nearby has a sign of hardened.

5. I often dream that my trachea is stuck, and the breathing is not smooth. It may be a disease lesions in the respiratory system.


How to treat strange dreams and insomnia

In addition to changing some bad living habits and eating habits, you can also adopt the method of traditional Chinese medicine to constantly massage or beat some acupoints on your body

Method of shooting

Halfly fastened, patted the elbow nest, armpits, two palms, two rotations.From light to heavy, shoot two times left and right, and shoot 36 times.The elbow fossa is easy to get out. Don’t get cold water when you come out.

Sometimes you feel that you have deficiency or have no qi and blood, which may be qi and blood stasis in the body. A shot can be better activated.In this process, you should put a towel in advance. You can also use a slap to slap. For more concentration, the force is more infiltrating the skin but it does not hurt so much.

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