Dragon fruit is not sweet, can people with diabetes eat with confidence?Wrong, sugar content is higher than watermelon

Summer is the season when fruits are listed in large quantities. There are many types of fruits, and many people are full.However, people with diabetes are not so happy, because poor blood sugar control has a great relationship with diet. The sugar content of fruits is generally high, and diabetic patients can only "look at the thirst."

If you really talk about it, you will find some fruits that are not very sweet to relieve it, such as dragon fruit.I often listen to people and say that the dragon fruit is not sweet, indicating that its sugar content is not high, so eating it once will not increase blood sugar at all.Is this true?

In fact, any food except water can cause blood sugar fluctuations after consumption, but some foods have less fluctuations in blood sugar after eating, and some fluctuations are relatively large.

Dragon fruit does not taste sweet, but it does not mean that its sugar content is not high, let alone prove that the blood sugar production index of the dragon fruit is not high.Sugar friends know that the blood glucose generation index can reflect the ability of this food to increase blood sugar. If the blood sugar generating index exceeds 70, it belongs to foods that people need to restrict intake.

Dragon fruit is a typical non -sweet high sugar fruit. Each 100g dragon fruit has a sugar content of up to 13.3g, which is higher than the sugar content such as watermelon, melon, grapes, cherry we often eat.So why is the dragon fruit not so sweet?Mainly because the sugar in the dragon fruit is mostly glucose with not high sweetness.

The sugars in fruits are divided into three types, fructose, glucose, and sucrose.The three kinds of sugar tastes very different. This is why some fruits are very sweet, but the sugar content is not high, and some fruits are not sweet but the sugar content is high.

Fructose is the sweetest of the three sugar. Its sweetness is 1.7 times that of sucrose and about 3 times the glucose.The sweetness of glucose is the lowest, and the dragon fruit happens to belong to fruit with more glucose, similar to fruits such as cherry, orange, hawthorn and other fruits.

Dragon fruit not only contains amazing sugar, but also the speed of blood sugar is faster than other fruits.Because glucose’s sugar lift index is 100 and the sugar lift index of fructose is 23, diabetic patients must control the amount of dragon fruit to avoid exceeding the standard ingestion.

Some people think that there are many small black seeds in dragon fruit, high cellulose content, and suitable for people with high blood sugar.In fact, there are many foods with high dietary fiber. There is no need to pursue dietary fiber and eat high sugar fruits. Most of the vegetable fiber content is higher than that of dragon fruit, so eating more vegetables is the king of blood sugar.

However, for people with normal blood sugar, dragon fruit is a very healthy fruit and can promote gastrointestinal motility. It can be eaten appropriately. Do not exceed 350g a day.

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