Doubt from pregnant mothers: Can I play mobile phones during pregnancy?See what people say

“2023 Parenting Season”

Pregnancy was originally a happy thing.But before Fangfang had time to be happy, he was hurt by her mother -in -law’s approach, and instantly felt that she was not good at pregnancy.

"When you are pregnant, you can’t always play your mobile phone. The radiation is too large and affects the health of your baby."

"I am pregnant, I have to watch TV for a while, you are two people now, you can’t patronize yourself"

Knowing that her mother -in -law is kind, she often feels particularly irritable when she hear her words, and even feels a feeling of being restricted to freedom.Fangfang is very clear. If this goes on, the mother -in -law will happen sooner or later, and it may also cause himself to be depressed.

What she doesn’t understand is that it is the 21st century. Why would her mother -in -law still have such thoughts?Even if she comes from the countryside, shouldn’t her think so old?Many times, Fangfang wanted to ask her mother -in -law: Should she lying at home without doing nothing?

Can I play mobile phones when I am pregnant?

@: As a second child, she has never left her mobile phone during pregnancy, because it is now the era of science and technology. If there is no mobile phone, it feels insecure.Both babies were healthy, not as the old man said, they were too worried.

@: Due to the mobile phone when she was pregnant, she quarreled with her mother -in -law. She also asked the doctor deliberately and proved to her mother -in -law.The mobile phone has radiation, but it will never affect the development of the fetus. After all, its radiation is too small.

It turns out that playing mobile phones during pregnancy does not have much impact on fetal development.However, in any case, the mobile phone has radiation in the end, coupled with the constitution of each pregnant mother, and the development of the fetus, it is better to pay attention to it. After all, health is mainly healthy.

The seven aunts and eight aunts in the family understand your concern for your pregnant mother and fetus, but there is no need to be alarmist, let alone restrict the freedom of pregnant mothers.Otherwise, it is easy to affect the mood of pregnant mothers, but instead does not develop well.

Regarding playing mobile phones during pregnancy, attention methods are the focus

1. Don’t play for a long time

Now that you know that your mobile phone has radiation, you can control the time of playing. After all, pregnancy is a special period and should put health first.Even if you play for too long, you will feel uncomfortable in your body and eyes, let alone pregnancy?

Especially in the first three months, I was not very stable when I was pregnant. Every time I played a mobile phone, it was controlled for 30 minutes, and then let myself relax and rest. It was good for myself and the baby.

2. The posture of playing mobile phones

Playing with a mobile phone before pregnancy, that is definitely what you want, how comfortable and how to come.But after pregnancy, if you want to play your mobile phone health, you must pay attention to your posture. It is best not to put your phone on the abdomen to avoid affecting the health of the fetus and causing unnecessary harm.

The most important thing is that if it is too close to the abdomen, the noisy voice in the mobile phone will likely scare the baby, which will affect his development, and it will be somewhat a bit more worthy.

3. Pay attention when you sleep

In addition, stay away from your mobile phone while sleeping, don’t put it on the pillow or beside you.For the baby’s health, it is safer to stay away from radiation.If so, it is best to adjust your mobile phone to mute, or shut down directly away from all radiation sources.

In addition, it is best to make yourself quiet before going to bed instead of holding your mobile phone.Pregnant women need enough rest time, and playing mobile phones before bedtime will affect their mood and affect sleep.

In addition to mobile phones, these invisible radiation should also be paid attention to

There is a saying that it is particularly good: damage, everywhere!Especially electronic products, their radiation and damage, the naked eye is completely invisible, what can do is prevent, away from these invisible harm.The so -called "prevention of prevalence" is to stifle the damage in the cradle.

1. router

In order to make the wireless signal at home better, many families have installed routers, and even have bedrooms.Although the network signal is good, there are more radiation radiation, and the electromagnetic radiation is relatively powerful.If so, hope during the period of pregnancy, expectant mothers can stay away from the router.

2. induction cooker

Many pregnant mothers are self -sufficient, and they will insist on the kitchen during pregnancy. I do n’t know if there is a great safety hazard in kitchen appliances such as induction cookers and microwave ovens.Let’s put it this way: The radiation of kitchen appliances is very large. When cooking, stay away from kitchen appliances as much as possible to avoid affecting the development of the fetus.

3. Computer

Even if many women are pregnant and insist on work, they want to say: While insisting on work, please don’t forget to protect yourself.The computer also radiates electric waves to generate a certain amount of radiation and harm. When pregnant women work, try to be as far away from the computer screen, or place the computer against the wall.

Written at the end: You can play mobile phones during pregnancy, but you must also combine physical conditions, and you must not indulge excessively.When necessary, you can prepare a radiation protection suit for pregnant women, which can effectively isolate radiation damage.Of course, the most important thing is self -protection, reasonable planning time.

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