Don’t touch these foods after eating durian?These rumors are not credible!

Recently, durian has gradually been listed in large quantities.

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Durian’s fruits can be described as "mystery". It is a combination of "fragrance+smelly", which makes people love and hate.Some people love its "aroma", but some people see it covering their nose to retreat.

People often talk about it, and there are more and more rumors about it.In this article, let’s talk about five rumors about durian.


Can’t drink durian?

Rumors 1: There are rumors that durian will affect the metabolism of alcohol, and eating durian with wine will be dangerous; others say that durian+wine will produce cream, which makes people poisoning.

Truth: Durian can reduce the metabolic ability of the human body on alcohol, but it only has a slight impact, which does not mean that eating together will be dangerous or poisoning.

First of all, eating durian will indeed have some impact on alcohol metabolism.Study experiments abroad found that acetaldehyde dehydrase is used to help human body metabolize alcohol. Sulfur and other sulfur sulfides will inhibit the activity of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase and increase the risk of alcohol poisoning.

Durian is a fruit with high sulfide, which will inhibit the activity of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase and reduce the body’s metabolism of alcohol.

However, this is just in vitro experiments and animal experiments, and it cannot be directly reasonable to people.In addition, the degree of sulfur -containing components in durian is also limited. There are no relevant cases and research in actual life to prove that eating durian with durians will be dangerous.

Of course, everything cannot be excessive, and a lot of durian and a lot of drinking are gone.

Secondly, rumors about durian+wine will also be unreliable. The mixing of the two will not produce cream.

Although eating durian will have a certain suppression of alcohol’s metabolism, this does not mean that eating together will have serious consequences. Normal drinking and durian will not have life -threatening.


Can’t eat crab eating durian?

Rumors 2: There are rumors that crabs and durian are Xiangke. Eating together can easily lead to uncomfortable stomach and may cause diarrhea.

Truth: It can be eaten together, provided that the ingredients should be clean and hygienic.

The gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea mentioned in the rumors may be caused by the gastrointestinal discomfort caused by the crab without cooking, no cleaning, or the deterioration of the ingredients.

It may also be caused by eating a lot of durians and crabs at the same time, which increases the indigestion burden of the gastrointestinal tract.


Can’t drink cola to eat durian?

Rumors 3: Some people think that cola belongs to a carbonated drink containing caffeine. After eating with caffeine and durian, it is easy to cause heart disease and cause sudden death.

Truth: It can be together, but don’t make durian and "dazzling" cola.

Coke does contain caffeine, but there is no evidence that the caffeine reaction to the component in durian produces toxic substances.

Even if the two eat together, it will be a little uncomfortable, it may be because they drink a lot of cola and eat a lot of high -fat and high sugar durian, and then have symptoms such as indigestion and bloating. This is not because of Xiangke orpoisonous.


Can’t eat beef and mutton when eating durian?

Rumors 4: People who eat durian often can hear such a statement. Durian and beef and mutton cannot be eaten together, which will lead to "getting angry" and easy to nosebleed and acne.

Truth: Eating durian "getting angry" has nothing to do with beef and mutton, and the two can eat together.Don’t want to "get angry", just eat less.

In fact, modern medicine does not have the concept of "getting angry".People generally call the symptoms of gum swelling, dry mouth, dry mouth, sore throat, red urination, oral ulcer, dry stool, and facial acne.

The throat is dry, causing discomfort in the mouth, throat, and gums, and also increases the risk of acne.

In addition, in addition to sucrose, glucose, and maltose in durian, it also contains fructose, which may cause acute inflammation of the human body.

Therefore, if you eat too much durian at a time, you will cause "getting angry" whether you eat with beef and mutton.

The best way to avoid getting angry is to eat less at a time.


1 durian = 3 chicken?

Romance 5: 1 durian 3 chickens, which means "the nutrition of a durian is equivalent to three chickens."

Truth: This is not the case. Many of the chicken nutrients are higher than that of durian.

In fact, this comparison is meaningless, and the nutrition of the two cannot be compared. After all, one is fruit and the other is meat.

Compared with the chicken, the energy per 100 grams is similar, and the general weight is similar.

Unless it is a big durian with six or seven pounds of durian and a chick with two or three pounds of food, it may conform to the saying of "1 durian and 3 chickens".

In other nutrients, chickens’ fat, protein, cholesterol, niacin, iron, zinc and other ingredients are higher than durian, not "1 durian and 3 chickens."


Although these rumors related to durian are not reliable, it is not recommended that you eat too much durian at a time.

After all, its calories explode, and eating a piece of goose egg -sized durian meat is almost equivalent to 1 bowl of rice.

Besides, wouldn’t you be tired of eating a lot of durians at a time?

Source: "Popular Science China" WeChat public account

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