Don’t take the wrong contraceptive pills wrong!Is bleeding a side effect or successful contraceptive?Be wary of accidental pregnancy

Hello everyone, I am a smart medical doctor.

In order to avoid accidental pregnancy, more and more women use oral emergency contraceptives to prevent accidents. However, some girls will worry about the side effects of emergency contraceptives and bleeding from unknown vaginal reasons caused by oral drugs.

So what side effects will these emergency contraceptives bring?What is the vaginal bleeding?

The name of the emergency contraceptive medicine is "Zuo Nuo Gactone". It is a kind of non -prescription contraceptives that our women can buy in pharmacies.Such as: Yuting, An Ting, Bao Shiting, Jin Yuting and other contraceptives, all belong to this category.

Its contraceptive principle is to suppress ovulation by replenishing progesterone and make cervical mucus sticky, thereby preventing the sperm from passing smoothly and avoiding the purpose of fertilized eggs to bed.

Although its role looks beautiful, in fact, the success rate of emergency contraceptive contraceptive contraceptives is relatively low, only 85%of the success rate.

Emergency contraceptives sold in pharmacies are generally required to take within 72 hours, but research shows that taking medicines after 48 hours of room in the same room can be as high as 40%, let alone 72 hours.

The vaginal bleeding caused by taking drugs is due to the sudden intake of large doses of progesterone, which causes the progesterone in the body to reach a very high peak. After the drug is stopped, a phenomenon of progesterone in our body will appear called progesterone called progesterone.retreat.

Due to the sudden decline in progesterone, the luteal phase will be prolonged. When the "fake yellow body period" passes, vaginal bleeding similar to menstrual tide will occur.This vaginal bleeding can be regarded as the advancement of the next menstrual or last menstruation, and it will not have a bad impact on it.

It can be seen that the success of contraception is not necessarily related to retreat bleeding.

Some girls may have a certain impact on the menstrual cycle after taking emergency contraceptives, which is caused by what we mentioned earlier-retreat bleeding, especially about one week after taking drugs. If vaginal bleeding, if vaginal bleedingThe amount is similar to the usual menstrual flow, we can be used as a menstrual cycle.

However, if the amount of retreat bleeding is relatively small, it can only show that it has affected your menstrual cycle, and the next menstrual cycle may be postponed or advanced.

However, girls should not worry. Such menstrual disorders are only temporary, and they will not have a big impact on the body. After several menstrual cycle reconciliation, they will recover.

To be honest, the side effects of emergency contraceptives are not great, and the difference is not large compared to the general long -acting contraceptives.

The main common side effects include malignant vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, etc., and some women have symptoms such as early pregnancy. It can be said that they are relatively mild.

There is also the side effects of menstrual disorders. This side effect varies from person to person. Generally, it will last from January to April, and sometimes there will be irregular bleeding. These side effects do not require treatment, and they can recover themselves.

It will not cause fertility, and the girls can rest assured.

Since emergency contraceptives will not have a bad impact on the body, can we use it to replace long -acting contraceptives?This answer is definitely not possible.

Emergency contraceptives are only suitable for contraceptive failure or non -protection sexual behavior. After all, the health risks brought by abortion should be far greater than the side effects of the drug.

Although repeatedly taking it will not cause physical disease effects, the side effects of the side effects are superimposed. Generally, do not try it.

Therefore, there is no scientific basis that "only eat only two times a year" or "do not exceed three times a month" circulating on the Internet.However, in terms of the high failure rate and side effects of emergency contraceptives, it must not be used instead of long -acting contraceptives.

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