Don’t scare yourself during your stomach pain during pregnancy. If these are these kinds of normal phenomena!

For mothers with particularly serious pregnancy reactions, in October, pregnant festivals are like to experience the "1981 Difficulty", pregnancy vomiting, dizziness anemia, and weak body weakness.Suddenly my stomach hurts, it undoubtedly makes the pregnant mother more disturbed. This is the same. As long as the babies in the stomach are good, they are good at suffering.In fact, stomach pain during pregnancy is not necessarily a sign of bad fetal fetus. Today, with Xiao Bao, let’s understand what is going on during pregnancy?Is it going to affect the fetus?

1. Physiological stomachache during pregnancy -similar to scrubbing like pain

This physiological rationality does not mean the "aunt" we usually come. The physiological stomach pain during pregnancy is due to the fetal development of the fetus. At this time, the pregnant mother has a slight pain.Normal phenomenon indicates that the fetus is growing slowly ~

2. Physiological stomach pain during pregnancy -stomach discomfort

Especially in the early pregnancy, some expectant mothers always feel stomach pain, and sometimes accompanied by early pregnancy reactions such as vomiting. This is caused by increased gastric acid secretion due to progesterone stimulation.As long as the diet is conditioned, pay attention to the principles of light and eat, you can eat pasta or soda biscuits for breakfast.Some pregnant mothers said: I have started to have stomach pain since pregnancy, this has been 2 months!Pregnant mothers should not be too worried. Generally, it is generally over pregnancy (3-4 months), and this situation will improve.

3. Physiological stomach pain during pregnancy -pain under the ribs

In the middle of pregnancy, the baby is getting bigger and bigger.The enlarged uterus constantly stimulates the lower edge of the ribs, which will make the mother feel a faint pain.Generally speaking, this is physiological to eat special treatment, and the left side is conducive to relieving.

4. Physiological stomachache during pregnancy -pseudo -contraction pain

Generally, this symptom is in the third trimester, especially when the expectant mother sleeps at night, there will be intermittent pain in the lower abdomen. Generally, this situation is only a few seconds.Most of these symptoms appear around 30 weeks of pregnancy.

The above four types of pregnancy belly is normal in pregnancy physiology. Specific mothers must learn to distinguish which symptoms are. Do not worry too much!However, if a unilateral lower abdomen pain occurs in the early pregnancy, accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage or fainting, it may be an ectopic pregnancy, and you should go to the hospital immediately.This kind of pain must not be regarded as accidental. It is thought that as long as you lie on the bed to rest, you may be life -threatening to protect your own bed.Therefore, once the stomach hurts during pregnancy, it is painful and cannot be relieved. This situation must be vigilant. Go to the hospital immediately. Do not taboo for medical treatment.

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