Don’t panic when you are yang. Except for antipyretics, you should eat more 3 kinds of ingredients.

Don’t panic when you are Yang. Except for antipyretics, you should eat more three ingredients.Dear friends, hello everyone, I am a chef Jiang Yizhou. I am here today. I will share with you the time for food. Are you ready?

With the release of the epidemic, while it feels convenient, many friends around them are Yangyang. Indeed, this is also inevitable. Another saying is that it will be sunny in the morning and evening.

But after we are Yang, don’t panic, except for antipyretics, these three ingredients, always prepare at home, have nothing to eat, moisturize the lungs and nourish the lungs, can help you recover soon, nonsense nonsense, then you will take these 3 3What is the planting ingredients and all kinds of delicious approach to share with you.

Don’t panic when you are yang. Except for this antipyretic medicine, these three kinds of ingredients should be eaten more. The first is orange. Orange is rich in vitamins and tastes sweet and sour. It is much better than lemon.I will share with you again, the practice of steamed eggs, and after the sun, eat lungs and lungs, and wish you a sooner recovery.

Orange is cleaned. After washing, cut it from his upper part, then dig out the orange meat with a spoon, and then pinch the orange juice in the bowl with your hands.

Then hit two eggs, put a little warm water, stir well, skim off the foam, then put the egg liquid inside, cover the orange cover just cut, then seal it with a toothpick, steam the water in the water, and steam the wok.After 15 minutes, you can eat it after taking it out. It tastes sweet and sour, rich in vitamin C, and enhances resistance. I wish you early recovery.

Don’t panic after the sun. In addition to the antipyretic medicine, you must also remember to eat it often. The second is the yam. The yam is delicate and white, and the benefits of moisturizing the lungs and nourishing the lungs.Beet, share with you the sweet and delicious honey yam.

After the yam is cleaned, cut off the skin cut section. After the water is boiled in the pot, the yam is hot for one minute.

Come on a spoonful of water in the pot, add the equivalent amount of sugar, boil the white sugar to make the jujube red, immediately add the appropriate amount of water, then put the yam to the pot, put some white sugar according to the personal taste, and then simmer for ten minutes.In the end, the soup was collected to the sticky, and the sweet and delicious honey yam was ready.

Don’t panic after the sun. In addition to the antipyretic medicine, you also remember to eat these three ingredients. The last one is the onion. The onion is known as the queen of vegetables.Mix the fungus and share it with you.

After cleaning the purple skin onion, remove the outer skin, cut into filaments, pick it up and wash it with a good fungus. After the water is boiled and hot for 30 seconds, remove it.Good onion shreds and fungus,

Cut into some coriander segment, then put a spoonful of garlic, a spoonful of raw pumps, half a spoonful of vinegar, half a spoonful of sesame oil and chili oil, two spoons of sugar, one spoonful of salt, a spoonful of chicken essence and monosodium glutamate, you can eat it after mixing well.It is crispy and nourish lungs and lungs. I wish you an early recovery.

How do you, friends, after reading the article, do n’t panic after you know the yang this time. In addition to antipyretics, I suggest that you often eat me and share with you.I recovered early, I am a chef Jiang Yizhou, let’s see it next time.

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