Don’t make these mistakes during pregnancy

The nutrition that pregnant women need to increase are mainly protein, fat, various trace elements and vitamins. These nutrients can basically provide them when they are paying attention to diverse foods, but for pregnant women with serious lack of nutrients, food cannot meet their needs.At this time, targeted supplements can be made through supplements.However, tonic during pregnancy should be alert to the following common errors.

Error 1: Eat Guiyuan Tire

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "it should be cool before giving birth, and it should be warm after giving birth", because most women are virtually deficient after pregnancy, and the internal heat is heavier."In the case, severe symptoms of signs or premature birth symptoms such as leak redness, lower abdomen swelling can occur.

Error 2: Use warm aphrodisiac products

Deer antler, antlers, wallet meat, placenta and other temperature subsidies are subsidized, which will breed internal heat and hurt Yinjin. Pregnant women should not take it.If it is really needed, take it under the guidance of a doctor.Pregnant women can choose clearing and flat supplements as appropriate in the principle of "pre -delivery should be cool".

Error 3: A lot of food ginseng

Ginseng belongs to the product of great nourishing vitality, and pregnant women should not eat a lot.Because ginseng contains a variety of chemical components that act on central nervous, heart, heart, and blood vessels, it can make the human body extensive excitement. Among them, the excitement of the central nervous system can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, and restlessness.This will affect the quality of rest of pregnant women.In addition, ginseng has a boosting effect and anti -diuretic effect, which can easily lead to increased blood pressure in pregnant women and aggravate puffiness.From the perspective of the fetus, the fetus’s tolerance to ginseng is very low, and the excessive consumption of pregnant women has the risk of death.

Mistake 4: Blindly taking medicinal diet

Traditional Chinese medicated diet is not the simple addition of food and traditional Chinese medicine, but under the guidance of Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation and disquestable theory.Special foods for sickness and life.If you do not have common sense of medicine and blindly produce or consume medicated tonics, it will inevitably go astray.For example, the consumption of astragalus stewed hens in the birth of pregnant women can easily cause dystocia.This is because Astragalus has the function of "strong bones and bones, long meat nourishing blood", and the hens itself is high -protein food. The two play a nourishing and synergistic effect, which can easily develop the fetus and flesh and grow too hard, resulting in too much fetus and dystocia.

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