Don’t care if your body is itchy when you are pregnant, the most serious one may cause the baby to die

Itchy body is a particularly painful thing, and everyone has a deep understanding.We only know that when the pregnant mother is pregnant, we will vomit in the early stage, and we will not sleep well in the later stage.Both back pain and edema of legs and feet, few people should know that many pregnant mothers will have all body itching in the middle and late pregnancy.

The situation is different, and the symptoms of itching are different.The light may be that the skin is a bit itchy. Grab it with your hands, or wipe it with warm water.In severe cases, it is itchy and unbearable. If you do not grab the skin, you cannot relieve it without seeing blood.It lasts time, and it will not stop at night, causing sleeping at night to sleep well.Sometimes this situation lasts until the birth of the child, and many pregnant mothers dare not take the medicine and have endured it.In fact, this time, it is recommended that pregnant mothers go to the hospital for examination to open some medicinal medicine.Otherwise, itching is too powerful, the mood of the pregnant mother will be irritable, if the skin is caught, and the possibility of infection, these will affect the baby’s development.

There are many reasons for the itching of pregnant mothers. It can be relieved, and there are generally no major problems.When it is severe itching in the whole body, it may be caused by some skin diseases, or the body becomes fat too fast, and stretch marks.But there is also a terrible situation, that is, the internal cholecopic stasis during pregnancy.

The most important symptoms of cholecotidity in the liver during pregnancy is that the whole body is extremely itchy, and it is also accompanied by the rise of jaundice.The terrible thing is that this disease will seriously affect the fetus, and even cause the fetus to die in the uterus.What is the reason for this disease? There is no clear conclusion yet. It may be caused by the changes in body hormone after pregnancy, or it may be family inheritance.Generally, you start itching from the stomach of the pregnant mother, then slowly develop to the chest and back, and finally to the limbs. The severe possible hands and feet will appear during pregnancy.EssenceIf the body of a pregnant mother is particularly itchy, be sure to go to the hospital to check it.

Under normal circumstances, the probability of stasis in the biliary is small, which is generally too fast that the stomach becomes larger and itch caused by stretch marks.At this time, pregnant mothers must not always catch it. You can use some medicines or apply warm water to relieve itching.Pay attention to controlling emotions. Don’t be too tight in your spirit. You can divert your attention by walking and chatting with your family.It is best to wear cotton clothes, keep your own cleaning, and change your clothes frequently.

In addition to the pregnant woman himself, the family must also comfort the pregnant mother and help the pregnant mother to spend this special time. If the situation is particularly serious, it is best to take the pregnant mother to the hospital.

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