Don’t be anxious after pregnancy, remember the three "stay away", and protect the fetus safely in the early stages of pregnancy.

In fact, breeding is a very difficult process, especially for the first pregnant mothers, but although it is difficult, fortunately, this process is longing, so this is also the happiest stage of pregnant mothers.Because most families now have only one or two children, everyone is extremely detailed in the face of pregnancy.But sometimes, "meticulous" over your head will bring great harm!Let’s take a look at the following!

Some time ago, it was the weather in the three volts, and the metabolism of the pregnant mothers was more vigorous, so I chose to turn on the air conditioner when sleeping at night.This was normal, but Xiao Liu "painted snakes"!At that time, she felt that the air conditioner would cool the little guy.So every time I go to bed, I will stick a warm baby on my belly, which is also to protect the navel.

However, the prenatal examination for a period of time was informed by the doctor that the little guy was a bit strange. When asked about the recent living habits, he found that the heat of the warm baby affected the little guy.Fortunately, the impact is not great, and the impact can be eliminated after conditioning.Therefore, for pregnant mothers, a small behavior during pregnancy seems harmless, but sometimes buried in great harm!Especially at the first stage of pregnancy, the little guys at this stage are relatively unstable, so there are more matters that need attention. Let’s take a look at what!

Avoid high fever

Pregnant mothers should try to avoid the high heat environment in the first three months, such as hot water, sauna, etc. during bathing!Because the little guy is still growing slowly within three months of the first period, they have just transformed from the embryo at this stage, so it is extremely prone to distortion problems. At this time, if they use high fever to stimulate them, the distortion rate will rise!Therefore, even the temperature of the bath water should be controlled, otherwise it will easily hurt their neurological development!

Avoid drugs

It is said that medicine has side effects. This is indeed the case. For pregnant mothers, the first phase cannot afford the stimulation of drugs, because the drug will also act on the little guy.There are many clinical cases that are distorted by the little guys due to the medicine of pregnant mothers!Therefore, it is best for pregnant mothers to take less medicine during pregnancy. If they can rely on the body to recover, it is best not to eat it.But if you have to eat, go to consult the doctor’s suggestion and follow the doctor’s order!

Avoid tobacco

Tobacco and alcohol should be the most should be avoided by pregnant mothers, because these two substances also cause distortion of the little guys, and the distortion is not lower than the above.Usually, those pregnant mothers who smoke or drink during pregnancy have more intellectual damage after birth!In addition, it should be noted that even second -hand cigarettes should be avoided, sometimes the harm of second -hand smoke is even greater!

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