Domestic violence!4 months pregnant, he was beaten many times by her husband!Mother -in -law discouraged useless, husband: Continue to fight

The incident of "men cut hair, threatening girlfriend" has not yet ended, and another domestic violence incident appeared!Although we have learned a lot of violence in daily lives, this family violence is different.After 4 months of pregnancy, his wife was beaten by her husband and beaten many times. After her mother -in -law stepped forward, she did not solve the problem, but continued to beat her wife.

I believe that everyone has heard such a sentence, "domestic violence is only zero, and countless times" should never believe in the words of a domestic violent man, because they are just asking you for forgiveness, not seriously regret.A Jiangxi woman posted such a video to the Internet. From the video we can see a man punching and kicking his wife. Recently, the key is that the wife has been pregnant for 4 months at the time.

First, beat the wife who is pregnant for 4 months

On May 29, 2023, a woman posted such a video on the Internet, "I have been pregnant for 4 months, and my husband has repeatedly conducted home violence to me! The number of beating me has been countless."From the video we can see that the man actually punched his wife and kicked his wife, and each slap was hit on the pregnant wife!

At this time, an old man rushed out to stop the man’s behavior. The old man was the man’s mother and the woman’s mother -in -law!While patting her son, her mother -in -law pushed her son out. She should want to wake up her son in this way, "Don’t fight! She is your wife, not your enemy"!

But the man did not obey his mother’s words, but he slapped his wife again and again!You know, domestic violence belongs to illegal acts, and no country will never tolerate domestic violence!What’s more, in the case of pregnancy, family violence his wife is very tired during pregnancy, and he will definitely fluctuate emotionally.As a husband, should you take care of your wife better?Instead of "serving" her with fisting feet!

According to the party’s understanding, the woman notified her mother and relatives at home after being beaten.Because his father did not work at home all year round, his father couldn’t rush over as soon as possible.After the man came to see the other family’s family, he did not converge, but became more and more arrogant. He felt that he was playing his wife!

The woman chose to call the police for the first time. After the police came, the police felt very incredible. A big man actually hit his wife, and his wife was still 4 months pregnant.No one will believe this, but the truth is in front of you!The police asked the man and educated the man for the first time, and found that the man still felt that he was right!

Second, sorry for your own child

Seeing this, the woman felt that her husband had no medicine to save, so she immediately packed up her personal belongings and returned to her mother’s house with her mother.After preparing to go back to adjust the body, divorce her husband.Women feel that the only thing that sorry is her child.

Because I believed him at the beginning, I chose to get married and have children.Today, his attitude towards me is very poor and I still hit me. I feel that there is no need to go with him anymore, but I feel very sorry for my own children.Women still think about their children when they face domestic violence, but they can imagine how great mother love is!But for such a life, it is a wise choice for women to divorce. If they do not choose to divorce, this man will only get more excessively in the future!

Both husband and wife should have encouraged each other to operate their own little homes together.Do n’t you scold her when you encounter a problem. If you encounter any things, you can use force to solve the problem. Can you live it in the future?Is there no status at home at home?So when facing domestic violence, we must learn to say no!Otherwise, the only one who hurts in the future is "there are only zero and countless times".


According to Article 35 of the Women’s Rights Protection Law, it is clearly stipulated that discrimination is prohibited, women and infertile women are abused; and women are prohibited; the abuse is prohibited;It means that domestic violence itself is an illegal act, and if the circumstances are serious, they will still bear criminal responsibility!So women comrades must be brave when they encounter domestic violence and learn to say "no"!

"Wife is not used to fight, it is used to pain."Will a woman choose to marry you with courage and trust?Really a man will never do it with a woman, no matter what problems you encounter!Because the force will never solve the problem, it will only expand the problem, so our gay men must deal with it calmly when they encounter problems, and we must not use it.For this, please leave a message if you have any opinions.

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