Dogs suddenly swell in the abdomen?How to judge whether a dog is pregnant?The sign of dog pregnancy

Whether it is an accidental pregnancy or the pregnancy in the master’s plan, pregnancy is a very important thing for dogs.Because the dog is pregnant, the owner needs to prepare a lot of things and more thoughtful care to optimize the dogs who are pregnant.But the problem is. In addition to the symptoms of the dog’s abdomen swelling, there are other changes. You can judge whether the dog really conceives his own puppy cub.

Although there will be some changes that can make the owner find it with the naked eye when you are pregnant, it will be more appropriate to finally confirm the work to the pet doctor.The following are the common symptoms of some dogs after pregnancy:

1. Change of appetite

Pregnancy will directly affect the endocrine system in the dog’s body. Because of the impact of hormones, the dog may have a loss of appetite in the first two weeks of pregnancy, but in the later stages of pregnancyAnd the appetite increased instead.

2. The dog’s nipples will change

Generally speaking, a newly adult female dog has no obvious nipples.Generally speaking, if you are not looking for or observing, you are basically invisible.After pregnancy, because of the need to nurture children, the estrogen in the dog’s body will make the dog’s nipples larger.Such changes generally start from two weeks of pregnancy.

3. Belly swelling

Abdominal enlarged is the most obvious symptom of dogs during pregnancy, none of them.However, because the abdominal swelling may also be the result of other diseases, after the dog’s abdomen swelling to a certain degree, the owner should take the dog to the pet hospital for examination.

4. Nesting behavior

Because the dog’s mother can perceive when she is ready to come out, when her dog tries to tear some fabrics, or other items to try to build a nest, then the possibility of dogs will become very likely to become pregnant very much.big.At this time, the owner needs to buy the nest of the new dog.

5. Not too active

Once the dogs are pregnant, their activity will greatly reduce.And it is very easy to feel tired.It is easy to explain such changes in dogs, because everything in the dog’s body is adjusted for the new dog cubs, so it will make dogs as a mother look less active.

6. Standard becomes difficult to predict

Like humans, dogs will also have emotional fluctuations when they are pregnant.If the dog has suddenly changed in personality recently, this change is actually the influence of the dogs being influenced.Eventually, personality changes have occurred.

7. Eliminate mucus

When the dogs are pregnant, they will unconsciously discharge some mucus, so the dogs are likely to be pregnant with a puppy.But unfortunately, this obvious change appears only four weeks after the dog is pregnant.Generally speaking, seeing this situation, the best way to deal with is to contact pet doctors.

Unfortunately, dogs and humans are two different species, and the material that the two appear due to pregnancy are different.So even if the owner is very generous, take out his own pregnancy test stick and lend it to the dog, but for dogs, these have no effect.Because it can’t be detected.

After taking a dog to the pet hospital, what kind of way do the doctor should use to confirm whether the dog is pregnant?Generally speaking, the most commonly used methods are: 1. Ultrasonic examination; 2. relaxation test; 3. abdomen press.

The use of ultrasonic inspection is the most common and accurate method, followed by relaxin inspection. When the dog is pregnant, a substance will be automatically secreted inside the body.By testing blood, you can know whether the dog is pregnant.The last method is to rely on the experience of a pet doctor to check whether the dog is pregnant through the method of pressing the abdomen.

Generally speaking, when the dogs have the possibility of pregnancy, the owner will take the dog to the pet hospital to find a pet doctor, let the doctor test and check through various medical methods to see if the dog is really young.Go on.What needs to be remembered is that the dog’s pregnancy is very short, generally only about 63 days.Whether you want a dog to give birth to a puppy, it is best to prepare in advance and find it as soon as possible, even if you deal with it.

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