Does uterine fibroids affect pregnancy?

Today, Dr. Su Quanxin told the topic of uterine fibroids for female friends.


Doctor Su, very honored to invite you to visit, you enjoy the reputation of "giving a son -in -law in Beijing". In these years, there are countless families that have successfully ushered in the baby after conditioning.Everyone has a detailed and authoritative answer.

Dr. Su Quan

Regarding uterine fibroids, I guess one of the issues that everyone cares about most is whether it will affect pregnancy.


Hmm, it’s right!Many friends are struggling and starting to prepare for pregnancy. When they check, they find that there are uterine fibroids. Whether or not surgical resection should be surgically removed.Doctor Su, will uterine fibroids affect pregnancy?

Dr. Su Quan

This depends on the specific situation.Where the fibroid grows is critical.If you grow under the slurry membrane and the growth direction suddenly goes towards the pelvic cavity, there is no need to perform surgery, and it is basically no effect on pregnancy. Don’t worry; if the fibroids grow under the endometrium and the direction is sudden to the uterine cavity, then you need to needActive treatment before pregnancy.


What are the dangers of uterine fibroids under the endometrium?

Dr. Su Quan

First of all, this type of fibroids will affect menstruation. Some people will have problems such as large amounts of menstruation, even leakage, and endless problems. If you think that long -term menstruation is not allowed, too much menstrual blood can easily cause anemia, and women are pregnant.Qi and blood are very critical;

Secondly, irregular menstruation will also affect ovulation and increase difficulty to conceive.Therefore, women with uterine fibroids and are accompanied by irregular menstruation need to pay attention to and actively treat them.


So how to treat it more secure?Surgical resection or traditional Chinese medicine treatment, how to weigh it?

Dr. Su Quan

For women with fertility, I suggest that you choose the treatment of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.Why do you say that?

First of all, the healing of trauma after surgery requires time, because the uterine endometrium is uneven after surgery, which will affect the fertilized egg bed. This recovery time varies from person to person; and once a scar pregnancy or uterine diverticulum is formed, conceived, conceived, conceived, conceived, and conceived.The difficulty is greater.

I have a patient. She checked uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts before pregnancy. After treatment, she was naturally conceived. Uterine fibroids were removed during production.The removed uterine fibroids are 13cm, which is relatively large, but throughout pregnancy, such a large uterine fibroids did not cause any adverse effects on the mother and fetus, and the mother and child were healthy.

Therefore, as a female friend who prepares, you can also try to accept this kind of childbirth and production. There is no need to cut off the uterine fibroids.

Secondly, the main reason for the formation of fibroids in Chinese medicine is that the circulation of qi and blood is not smooth, which leads to the tangible and evil of blood stasis. That is to say, the internal environment of qi and blood is not corrected.No longer grow up.It is also possible that in the months of recuperation after surgery, new uterine fibroids will grow.

Chinese medicine is very confident in the conditioning of qi and blood and the treatment of uterine fibroids.


So do you talk about the idea of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of uterine fibroids?

Dr. Su Quan

The core of Chinese medicine treatment was to combine the symptoms and physical conditions of the patients at that time to perform dialectical treatment.

My personal clinical treatment experience is mainly from the treatment of qi and blood dialectical treatment. Based on the soft and backstracking knot, according to the patient’s body’s wetness, stasis, sputum, and deficiency and realistic specific conditions, the corresponding method is taken to treat it with the syndrome.

Soft Jiejie is the basic idea of treating uterine fibroids, but it is also necessary to change the certificate. For example, when the collapse is severe and the long -term blood loss, the hemostasis is more urgent and important.

Regarding the omissions caused by uterine fibroids, Chinese medicine believes that the blood caused by blood stasis does not return to the scriptures, and the method of turning stasis and hemostasis during treatment will be adopted.

The prescriptions I personally used by myself are laughed and plus and subtract. Puhuang, Wulingzhi, Flower Stone Stone, Sanqi and other stasis stasis stop bleeding, and combined with the special circumstances of the patient’s own.Thistle and other cooling blood to stop bleeding; if the patient belongs to the condition of blood deficiency, the warm meridians such as Ai leaf, carbon, and cannon ginger charcoal will be added to stop bleeding.

In addition to the traditional soup treatment, it will also cooperate with the "good pregnancy sticker" and stick to the navel treatment. For women with insufficient blood and blood and cold blood, it can play a effect of activating and regulating pregnancy.


It seems that the flexible treatment of the certificate is enough to reflect the experience and level of the doctor of Chinese medicine.So do you have any good suggestions in the daily prevention and control of uterine fibroids?

Dr. Su Quan

The first point is, of course, to keep your mood comfortable.Gynecological diseases are closely related to mood factors. Many women have experienced themselves in their lives. They will be breasts and pain in their lives, or they are originally in menstrual periods. As a result, they quarrel with their boyfriends.Women who are not in harmony with colleagues, quarrels, and complaints often increase the probability of gynecology.

It can be seen that maintaining a comfortable mood and optimistic attitude is the second life of a woman’s life in addition to losing weight.

The second point is diet conditioning.Many patients have the same concern. Doctor Su, will I take Chinese medicine more and bigger?Or do I not pay attention to what I usually eat, and eat uterine fibroids?

In fact, as I said earlier, the traditional Chinese medicine that is expensive in the circulation of qi and blood, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and Tongli blood vessels will not have the possibility of eating fibroids more and more, and modern medical research does not indicate any indication.Foods can significantly stimulate the increase in uterine fibroids.

However, one thing needs to be reminded that if uterine fibroids already exist and during treatment, it is best to avoid foods or health products with high hormone content, such as royal jelly, gelatin paste, and some hormone drugs.


Now that it is in winter, many people want to eat some cream prescriptions. Put Ejiao, wolfberry, black sesame, and walnuts together to make cream, so will eating these cream stimulate the increase in uterine fibroids?

Dr. Su Quan

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Ejiao tonic, and eating too much is easy to form qi and blood stagnation. We just talked about the pathological products of uterine fibroids itself. Therefore, it is recommended that female friends with uterine fibroids.It’s right.

Of course, Chinese medicine pays attention to the treatment of dialectics. If there is a problem of qi and blood deficiency, it can also be supplemented, but it is not a pretty supplement, but through other Chinese medicine compatibility to promote digestion and absorption to prevent the occurrence of qi and blood stagnation.


Dr. Su, six tests of female hormones show that the level of estrogen is very low, but there are also uterine fibroids. What is going on?Can you not supplement estrogen food or health products if this situation is?

Dr. Su Quan

A large number of clinical observations and experiments of modern medicine show that estrogen is the main factor that promotes the growth of uterine fibroids. Therefore, this estrogen level is low, but the condition of uterine fibroids appears a bit contradictory.

In fact, this is an overall and local dialectical relationship.For example, the body that lacks estrogen is like a desert, but the desert also has an oasis. The more barren, the stronger the ability to gather and absorb energy.all.

Therefore, such women are not suitable for additional estrogen, which can only exacerbate uneven situations.Therefore, the key to treatment is to promote the circulation of body qi and blood.


Dr. Su, just now, you explain in detail the fertility needs for us, and the treatment ideas and maintenance suggestions when facing uterine fibroids.So is there a different treatment for women without fertility?

Dr. Su Quan

For women with no fertility needs, but simplicity of uterine fibroids, neither want to take Chinese medicine nor to pierce the needle, then you can choose surgical resection.

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors. Do not need to be too anxious. What kind of treatment method is used, combined with the needs and physical conditions of the patient at that time, choose the most favorable treatment plan. This is the core of the medical treatment.The so -called medical heart is reflected in these aspects.

It is also necessary to remind everyone that no matter what the treatment method is taken, the diagnosis must be accurate.A friend once consulted that her girlfriend had uterine sarcoma and asked me if I could treat it.I said that the difference between sarcoma and fibroids, but it is completely different.

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors, no matter how big they grow, they will not be cancer; sarcoma is a malignant tumor. It does not surgery in time, and the consequences will be serious.

However, after the hospital carried out uterine resection, pathological analysis found that fibroids instead of sarcoma, and the previous B -ultrasound diagnosis was wrong.This will regret life for a woman who has not been born.Therefore, what we talk about today is based on the accuracy of diagnosis.

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