Does the cold take medicine affect the fetus?

After pregnancy, the enzymes of pregnant women have changed, and it has a certain impact on the metabolic process of certain drugs.Drugs are not easy to detoxify and excrete, and can accumulate poisoning. When the formation of tires in the early pregnancy, the drug has a certain effect on the fetus, so it is best not to take medicine for a cold.But everything is divided into two. Pregnant women have certain risks, not completely unhelpful.The impact of some diseases on the fetus and mothers far exceeds the medicine. At this time, we should weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Under the guidance of a doctor, we should take reasonable medication.

⊙ The advantages and disadvantages of main colds.

多 Anti -cold drugs are mostly composite preparations. They contain a variety of ingredients. Common fast -acting injury capsules, colds, Kangtaik, Baijiahe, Kangbi, Kang Kang, Kuangke, etc. should not be taken during pregnancy, especially pregnancy 4Before the week, the cold medicine was mainly symptomatic drugs, cure the standard, and not a safe medicine for pregnant women. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women should not have to resist cold medicine.

Antiviral drugs have adverse effects on the fetus. It is not easy to use for pregnant women. If it must be used, it should be under the guidance of a doctor.

⒊ Retire the hot medicine.Colds are accompanied by high fever, and they are mostly heavier to see the doctor in a timely manner.Differential pain is a taboos of pregnant women, and Aspirin should not be used.

⒋ antibacterial.If pregnant women have a cold, if there is no clear bacterial infection evidence, such as tonsillitis, high blood pressure, cough, yellow sputum, and luminic nose, no antibiotics can be used.Because antibiotics can act in the fetus through the placenta, 20%to 40%possibilities are harmful to the fetus. Under the guidance of a doctor, choose a safe antibiotics.

止 expectorant, cough medicine.It is generally safe, but it is not suitable for pregnant women with cough medicines containing iodine preparations.

⊙ Prevention is the most important.

Women during pregnancy should pay attention to rest, strengthen exercise, maintain a strong body, and pay attention to personal hygiene during the disease epidemic, do not reach patients with dense population, do not contact patients with colds.Frequent vinegar in the room, maintain a good state of mind, and enhance the resistance to disease.If you have a cold, don’t panic or take the drugs, let alone not consciousness. You should go to the hospital to consult a doctor in time.

Excerpted from "365 Wonderful Messings of Pregnant Women, Maternal Maternal, Fetis, and Babies", People’s Army Medical Press, in 2007, edited by Wang Xinliang (medical cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client for viewing)

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