Does a man affect sexual function after ligation?what’s need to care after ligation?One article tells clearly

At present, in addition to women ligation, there are also male ligation surgery clinically. In life, some men choose to ligation in order not to let their partners suffer.Many people have doubts about male ligation. Where will the sperm go after ligation?Will it affect sexual life after ligation?In fact, you may wish to understand the relevant knowledge of some male ligation.

Male ligation surgery mainly refers to ligating the transparent tubes transporting sperm to the penis, so that the sperm can not be discharged from the body to obtain contraceptives. Male ligation surgery is simple.Permanent contraceptive method is only suitable for men who do not want to have children.Because the chance of successful in surgery is very low, even if the voltic pipe is performed, the amount of qualified sperm will be reduced, and the amount will be reduced, and basically it is infertility.

Male ligation is only removed a section of vasters, and tie the two ends of the vasters to block the sperm through the sperm, not completely remove the testicles and epididymia. ThereforeThe secretion of sperm will be re -absorbed by the testosteria epithelial cells. The concentrated sperm will gradually die, and it will be decomposed. Finally, it will be absorbed by the body and disappear.

Many people think that men’s ligation does not have sperm discharge, and sexual function will be affected. In fact, physiological speaking, men’s ligation does not affect sexual desire and sexual function, and basically can carry out normal sexual life.In life, most male ligation functions are affected by psychology. They always feel that their sexual ability decreases after ligation, and hormone secretion will cause themselves too much pressure and cause sexual dysfunction.

1. Do a good job of hygiene

After ligation, do hygiene to avoid touching the wound with your hands, and do not take a bath before the wound is completely healed, do not touch water to prevent infection.

2. Avoid sexual life

Avoid sexual life two weeks after ligation surgery, and in sexual life two weeks later, contraceptive measures should be taken until there is no sperm discharge.

3. Rest more

After surgery, let yourself rest, and you should also pay attention not to exercise excessive exercise to avoid hematoma. After surgery, your body is weak. Resting can promote reproductive system recovery.

Kind tips

You can understand the doubts of men’s ligation. Don’t agree that men’s ligation will hurt, which will affect sexual function. In fact, men’s ligation is simpler and safer to women’s ligation.Hospitals and doctors need formal majors to avoid accidents during surgery.

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