Documentary: The woman insisted on getting fetal 8 months pregnant, her husband is only 1.1 meters tall, and now regrets it

The old men of the two dragged a young woman at the door of the hospital, and the woman retreated while crying.

The woman was Yu Na (a pseudonym), and the two old men who dragged her were her in -laws.

Yu Na’s purpose of coming to the hospital this time is very clear. She doesn’t want her children to come to this world to suffer.

Someone will definitely say that she deprives the child’s birth opportunity and is a selfish woman.

On the contrary, her fetal movement is actually for the child, because the child does not have a stable future.

The problem was not on her, but on the dwarf husband. Her husband was a dwarf with a height of only 1.1 meters.

Why don’t you mind this problem before getting married?The children in the belly have been 8 months old, and the fetal fetus is too cruel at this time.

At the age of her mother -in -law, the reporter saw Yu Na’s husband, and her 29 -year -old husband was the same as a 10 -year -old child.

Here is the body shape. His appearance is not much different from adults of the same age, but the proportion is somewhat strange, as if forcibly compressed.

The huge head with a short body, there is a kind of unspeakable, but Yu Na has never disliked her husband, otherwise she would not marry him against the opposition of the whole family.

The reason why he persisted was because the husband’s condition was getting heavier, and now even standing up is a problem.

If she was just a problem with her husband, she was confident that she raised her child alone, but she was facing a family.

The in -laws are getting older, and the burden of pension will definitely hit her in the future, and her husband is basically equal to half of the abandoned people.

Another more troublesome problem is the husband’s brother. My brother has congenital epilepsy, and he can’t even deal with life, let alone let him go out to support his family.

In this way, Yu Na has to support 5 people with her own power. How high is the current cost of life. Everyone sees it.

"I can endure hardships, and I must not let my children suffer. You say that I am selfish, saying that I am no human, I just do not give birth!"

After her husband’s condition deteriorated, Yu Na has been struggling with the child’s problem. Seeing that the situation is becoming more and less optimistic, she can only make this decision.

She regretted her child, and regretted this burden on the absence of preparation.Knowing that Yu Na was going to get a fetus, her husband almost jumped up and hit her.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t even stand, and he asked Yu Na fiercely if he felt that he could not match her.

In the face of her husband’s question, Yu Na just smiled bitterly, and said nothing, because there was no need to say.

If she doesn’t look down on this dwarf, she will not marry at first; if she doesn’t see this dwarf, she will not be pregnant; if she doesn’t see this dwarf, she will directly divorce.

But she did not leave. Although she was going to give birth, her care for her husband was still meticulous. Filial piety to her in -laws, outsiders also looked in.

Whenever she finds that Yu Na is not at home, her in -laws will worry about her. Their biggest wish is to be passed on to the seizure.

Under the persuasion of the reporter, Yu Na temporarily retracted the decision of the fetus, and did not know whether it was right or wrong.

The 8 -month -old fetus was extremely injured, but it was really unrealistic to let her a weak woman feed 5 people.

It is the right to be born to a woman. Both are painful and not born on her. Outsiders are really not qualified to say three and four, and let alone "all for you."

In case she can’t raise these people, will the Virgin who stands and speaks without back pain will help?

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