Doctors say that pregnant women can also raise dogs at home. Do you believe it?

In recent years, living conditions have been good, and pets have entered millions of households.And slowly occupy a very important position in many families.The shovelers, no matter how glorious and fashionable they are outside, they have to take care of their diets and health like a nanny at home.Although it is a bit hard, it can also bring happiness to themselves through pets, so many people love to take care of pets, and they are not tired.

However, many women and their families will consider whether they can raise pets during pregnancy. In fact, even if there are pregnant women in the family, they can still raise pets.

When it comes to pets, many people worry about the problem of toxoplasma. Gow -shaped worms are a parasitic parasite commonly suffered from humans and animals, parasitic in the cells of animals.Ordinary people infected with toxoplasma. There will be symptoms of fever. When pregnant people are infected with bowworms, they may cause abortion or fetal malformations.Those who have infected the bowworm will respond in a short period of time, but antibodies will produce in the body after the body.In fact, the main host of the bowworm is a cat, and the dog is not the direct host of the bowworm. It may just be a link among the middle host. In this case, the chance of a toxoplasma infection is not high.

If you are pregnant and insist on raising dogs, then you must first conduct a comprehensive inspection of the dog. After being found out, the pet really has a bow -shaped worm. For the sake of insurance, the family must do a large cleaning at home and focus on cleaning pet feces.Remember, pregnant women should not participate in the cleansing work and avoid contact with pet feces.Then, temporarily send the pets out for a period of time, be eliminated by the toxoplasma gifted, and then pick it back.If there is no toxoplasma worm on the pet, you can rest assured first. Pay attention to the diet of the pet.

It is confirmed that the dog does not carry viruses and bowworms. Pregnant women can raise dogs at home, but pay attention to avoid excessive intimate contact with the dog, not lick, keep a safe distance, and avoid symptoms such as allergies caused by dog hair.Usually take care of pet responsibilities, especially shovel officers, let’s go to her husband or other people at home.Because the transmission pathway of Toxoplasma is mainly performed through animal feces.In other words, animals that are infected with Toxoplasma are likely to discharge the bowworm eggs through feces. If the excreted feces are touched within 24 hours, the person who is in contact is likely to be infected with the Toxoplasma.

Pets must be vaccinated on time. Pregnant women should not eat unsuster cows, sheep, pork, wash their hands in time after each contact with the dog, and at the same time do the cleaning and hygiene of petsEssence(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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