Doctor, I am only 30 weeks of pregnancy, how can I flow?

Our obstetric clinic, "Doctor, show my daughter -in -law first, she breaks the water!"

A young man helped a young pregnant woman and walked in.

"How long have you been pregnant for a long time, how long have you broken water?" The obstetrician asked her to go to bed and asked her while asking her.

"Doctor, I have only been pregnant for 7 months, and I have flowed for 10 hours. At the beginning, the water was less, I didn’t care, and then the water flowed more and more, I was afraid!" The pregnant woman said anxiously.

The blood pressure in the body is normal, the contraction is not as good, and the fetal heart is 150 times/minute. It can be seen that the clear thermal amniotic fluid flows out. Although the palace mouth has not opened, the cervix has disappeared 60%…

The obstetrician immediately contacted the ward and arranged for the pregnant woman to be hospitalized immediately.

Pregnant women are Ms. Yang, 24, have no history of pregnancy in the past. They have a B -ultrasound for 7 weeks to be discontinued for 7 weeks. Filial movement appears in 16 weeks of menopause.For nearly 2 days, Ms. Yang had a history of the same room, and as a result, the "premature breakthrough breakthrough" occurred.

Diagnosis of admission: 1 pregnancy at 0 pregnancy, 30+2 weeks of first Zhaoxi premature birth; premature fetal membrane breakdown.After admission, the doctor gave the relevant laboratory inspection, instructed patients to rest in bed and lift the hips to prevent umbilical cord prolapse, maintain perineal cleaning, antibiotic prevention infection, dynamically monitor vital signs, have contractions and fetal hearts, and give land congestionMeson’s treatment of lung maturity.

After Ms. Yang appeared in contractions, she gave magnesium sulfate to restrain the contractions.

When the physical examination found that Ms. Yang’s Gongkou had been opened for 3cm, the premature birth was inevitable. The doctor stopped the input of magnesium sulfate and sent Ms. Yang to the production room for delivery.After the palace is open, Ms. Yang gave birth to a baby boy weighing 1750g, with a score of 10 points, but because of the baby’s premature birth, the obstetrician immediately transferred the baby to the newborn department for treatment.

About premature birth:

The definition of premature birth, my country’s guidelines stipulate that the quality of pregnancy for 28 weeks of pregnancy or the birth of the newborn is ≥1 000 g, and the delivery of less than 37 weeks is called premature birth.

Mochi is familiar, and so is there a child.Each organ development of premature infants is not enough. The smaller the birth week, the lighter weight, and the worse the prognosis.

The main manifestation of premature birth is the contraction of the uterus. At first, the pregnant mothers were irregular contractions, and they often accompanied by a little vaginal bleeding or blood -based secretions. It can develop into a regular contraction in the future.Monthly has a lot of labor.

Which pregnant mothers prefer premature births?

Pregnant mothers who have late abortion and (or) history of premature birth; vaginal ultrasound in the middle of pregnancy found that the cervical length (CL) <25 mm pregnant mothers;

2. In -the -palace infection: A large number of related studies have reminded that infection is one of the main risk factors of premature birth, especially intrauterine infections.Studies have found that bacterial vaginal disease is closely related to premature birth, causing the risk of premature birth to 1.5 to 3.0 times.

3. History of cervical surgery: such as cervical cone cutting, circular electrode resection (Leep) treatment, the risk of premature birth after treatment increases, and those with abnormal uterine development will increase.

4. Pregnant mothers are too young or too large: pregnant women ≤ 17 years or> 35 years old.

5. Pregnant mothers with too short pregnancy interval: Two pregnancy intervals are controlled for 18-23 months, and the risk of premature birth is relatively low.

6. Pregnant women with excessive weight loss: physical index <19 kg/m2, or the quality of prenatal body is <50 kg, poor nutritional conditions, and premature birth.Some studies believe that excessive quality before pregnancy will affect vitamin and mineral intake, causing a decrease in uterine blood flow and decreased anti -infective ability, and it is more likely to cause spontaneous premature birth.

7. The premature yield rate of the twins is nearly 50%, and the premature birth rate of the third child is as high as 90%.

8. Patients with auxiliary reproductive technology are risky.

9. Fetal structure malformations and (or) chromosomal abnormalities, too much or too little amniotic fluid, increase risk of premature birth.

10. Such as complicated in the early stage of eclampsia, eclampsia, prenatal bleeding, intrapatobuy stasis during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, combined with thyroid disease, severe cardiopulmonary disease, acute infectious diseases, etc., and premature birth risk.

11. Pregnant women who have tobacco and alcohol or drug use have increased risk of premature birth.Smoking has been confirmed to be related to premature birth. Nicotine and other ingredients in tobacco may cause blood vessel contraction, resulting in an increase in the level of CO in the body and causing premature birth.Therefore, the exposure of smoking ban and reducing passive smoking is one of the main measures for premature first -level prevention.

Ms. Yang first broke the fetal membrane prematurely, and then a premature birth.What are the causes of premature fetal membrane?

Reproductive tract infection; increased amniotic venom pressure; uneven dysfunction of fetal membrane; nutritional factors; frequent sexual life in advanced pregnancy can cause premature fetal membrane.

What should I do?

If the fetal membrane is complete, try to keep the fetus as much as possible until 34 weeks of pregnancy when the pregnant mother and baby are healthy.Treatment methods include bed rest, mature lung treatment treatment, inhibit contraction maturity treatment, and control infection.

If the fetal membrane is broken early, it is necessary to keep the pregnant mother’s vulva cleaning, avoid unnecessary anal and vaginal examination, and pay close attention to the body temperature, heart rate, contraction, vaginal flow of vaginal flow and blood white blood cell count of pregnant mothers, and the index of B -ultrasound amniotic fluid.For more than 12 hours, infection should be given with antibiotics.

In the article, Ms. Yang thinks she is young, and her baby should be healthy, so she ignores the checkup. I do n’t know if she has a reproductive tract infection, and I do n’t know if the amniotic fluid is normal and whether she has other pregnancy complications and complications.There is still sexual life in the third trimester, which has led to her premature birth.

What are the specific premature prevention measures?

Avoid younger age (<17 years old) or older (> 35 years old) pregnancy; advocate reasonable pregnancy interval (> 6 months); avoid multi -fetal pregnancy.

2. Promote balanced nutritional intake to avoid excessive physical quality; quit smoking, alcohol;

3. Control the original onset such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, lupus erythematosus, etc.;

4. Stop taking drugs that may cause teratogenic.

5. Early pregnancy ultrasound examination determines the age of fetal age and eliminate multiple pregnancy. If it is a twin, you should understand the properties of the chorionic membrane. If you have the conditions to measure the thickness of the neck of the fetus, you can understand the abnormalities of the fetal non -rectifier chromosomal and some important organs of some important organs.Risk of deformity.

6. During the first checkup, you should learn more about the high -risk factors of premature birth in order to prevent it as targeted as possible; pregnant mothers should check regularly as required to understand their health and fetal development.disease.

7. During pregnancy, the diet is still advocated to reasonably increase the quality of the body during pregnancy; avoid smoking and drinking.

There are also prevention of premature breaking fetal membrane:

Treatment of reproductive tract infections as soon as possible: Trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis, cervical Shao Yiyi infection, and gonococci infection should be treated in time during pregnancy.

2. Forbidden sexual life in advanced pregnancy, avoid sudden abdominal pressure.

3. Pay attention to nutritional balance: supplement enough nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, zinc and copper.

4. Treatment of the inner mouth of the cervix.

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