Doctor: Do n’t doubt these symptoms, you have ectopic pregnancy!

For women in the early pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy is like a timing bomb buried in the body. If surgical treatment is not performed in time, it may "explode" at any time.However, many women do not know enough about ectopic pregnancy. It is often too late to seek medical treatment until the symptoms of crisis.

College students suffer from ectopic pregnancy and almost lose their chances of surgery

In the early morning of September 21, a young girl came to the emergency room with her boyfriend. The girl was very weak, her face was pale, and she kept saying "The belly hurts …"

The patient’s name is Xiao Wei, a 21 -year -old college student.

Subsequently, the doctor did various tests before surgery, and in less than an hour, Xiao Wei’s pain increased, and her blood pressure continued to decline, falling to 60/40 mm Hg.

The doctor found that her fallopian tube block has ruptured, her belly is full of blood, and the amount of blood loss has exceeded half of her body’s blood.

Without a doctor, Xiaowei suffered from ectopic pregnancy.

The doctor decided to find his boyfriend to understand the situation first, and asked him to inform Xiaowei’s family as soon as possible.But as soon as I turned, Xiao Wei’s boyfriend was gone!

When the doctor was looking for the guard to understand the situation, Xiao Wei’s mother hurriedly came, and the doctor immediately arranged surgery for Xiao Wei, which made her break away from the danger of life.

How harmful to ectopic pregnancy?

Xiaowei confessed after surgery that she had a history of sexual life and had irregular menstruation in the past two months, but she didn’t care. She did not expect that it was ectopic pregnancy.

Gynecologist introduced that external pregnancy refers to the abnormal pregnancy process of fertilized eggs in the outer gynecological bed.

After abnormal pregnancy, the fertilized eggs in the patient’s body can cause ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube, which will cause patients with lower abdomen, waist acid, and vaginal hemorrhage.Essence

Extra -gynecology is urgent and severe, and improper treatment is life -threatening.

Normal pregnancy does not cause vaginal bleeding. Therefore, when these symptoms occur during early pregnancy, we must be alert to ectopic pregnancy and go to the hospital for examination in time, and cannot conceal the condition.

The important method of early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is to determine HCG.

The doubling of HCG is an important basis for clinical diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy.

How to prevent ectopic pregnancy?

In order to avoid the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy, you should pay attention to some points:

1. Avoid sexual behavior before marriage, so as not to be nervous;

2. Reject unclean sex and prevent gonorrhea and chlamydia infection;

3. Full preparation behavior, minimize the use of emergency contraceptives to avoid artificial abortion;

In the end, the doctor reminded everyone that everyone should do what they should do well. Reading, getting married, having children, and completing the road of life with a down -to -earth manner. The plain life is the best, isn’t it?

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