Do you want to have menstruation?The alert is "endometriosis"

"Please help me, I really can’t stand it!"

When receiving the patient’s face -to -face consultation, she just explained her treatment experience calmly, but suddenly she cried. "Please help me! I really hurt.But I have been recurring, and I should come to the holiday again. I am really scared. Why is this disease so difficult to cure! "

It turned out that from the age of 20, Xiaoning seemed to have experienced suffering every time. From the first day to the last day of menstruation, it was accompanied by severe pain.After going to the hospital for examination, I knew that I was "endometriosis", and then I have been treating-recurrence-re-treatment-re-recurrence on the road to reciprocate.Do not want to take medicine to stop menstruation.

In fact, "dysmenorrhea" is one of the situations that many women appear during menstruation, but the causes of this symptoms are different.It affects the body’s conception, and it is easy to recur.

Two treatment before and after Xiaoning is actually a common method for Western medicine. In short, it can be understood that through regular injection of drugs, the ovaries are suspended, and menstruation is stopped in the short term.The disadvantage is that it is easy to repeat. Like Xiaoning’s "treatment road", among the patients we are consulting, it can be said that it is not a small number.

In our Chinese medicine, the emergence of the disease is a result of a problem formed by the root cause of the body.It is correct, so it must be a fundamental conditioning of the body to curb the recurrence of the disease from the "root".

Xiaoning has now undergone traditional Chinese medicine treatment of nearly two courses. The symptoms have improved significantly. I believe that when her body really adjusts to a healthy, benign cycle, menstruation will not be "terrible" anymore!

What are your symptoms during menstruation?Let’s talk?

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