Do you think the amenorrhea is just not as simple as having a baby?Early aging is afraid

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In the process of nutritional consultation, most of the sisters are in a very anxious and worried state. Of course, there are also tangled contradictions that are mixed with "eating too much and fear of being fat, eating less and not enough".

Many people have not realized the seriousness of the problem before. They feel that they do n’t come to the old aunt and do n’t even feel that they are related to their own diet and excessive exercise. They continue to work willful on the road to weight loss.

It wasn’t until you needed to prepare for pregnancy. This was anxious. Various examinations. Look at the prescribed traditional Chinese medicine in traditional Chinese medicine, prescribed hormone drugs at gynecological medicine, and even looked for various remedies to try, but because it was too long and the diet was not really improved, it was difficult to be difficulteffective.

Of course, there are some firm ignorance and fearless person who tells me directly: "Teacher, anyway, I don’t plan to have a child in the future. It doesn’t matter if I don’t come to this aunt. I just need to be thin and beautiful for a lifetime.Good figure, my aunt loves to come! "

In this regard, I can only say that where is the hazard of early amenorrhea that is not as simple as pregnancy?What is premature ovarian failure?Isn’t it afraid of the old lady of Ganba in advance?Ganba is not just reflected in the loss of collagen on the face, but also the dry bus inside the body (Okay, children are not suitable, make up for yourself)

Are you afraid of osteoporosis?Over time, the bone head is the same as the old lady. As soon as I touch it, it will be fractured or even a crushed fracture. Long -term low estrogen levels will cause bone calcium to quietly lose. This is also a lot of warriors who are easily injured as long as they exercise, even if they have been warm up.

Are you afraid of leaking urine?If the estrogen in the body is low for a long time, it will affect our endocrine system, and the endocrine system will control the urinary system. After endocrine disorders, our ability to control the urinary system will decline.Closing is not tight. When coughing, it will cause the bladder to shrink, which will cause the problem of leakage.In severe cases, adult diaper may also be needed.

Are you afraid of getting out of control and insomnia?Why do people scold a girl who has a messy temper. "You are menopausal?!" Long -term amenorrhea, the hormone level of your body is similar to that of women.It is a happy neurotransmitter, and the lack of it in the body is easy to get angry inexplicable and unprepared at all.

The serotonin will be transformed into dying to help sleep at night, so many people have insomnia after amenorrhea. Of course, long -term restraint of diet, especially staple food, is also one of the important reasons for insomnia.

Is it easy for the waist and abdomen to grow meat?Many amenorrhea girl told me that she was particularly painful and sacrificed her aunt, but she was particularly difficult to maintain her current weight and body shape. She was a little slack, her diet was slightly indulgent, exercise was a little lazy, and the fat on the waist and abdomen was particularly obvious.More girls who are stained with asset -diet, the weight of the rebound back is all concentrated on the waist and abdomen, which is particularly desperate.

This is particularly desperate. You have amenorrhea caused by the pursuit of thinness and beauty, but the premature ovarian failure makes you not thin or beautiful, and it is the key fat on the waist and abdomen.It completely violated the original intention.

In many women’s aging signs, weight changes are often very common and sensitive.The aging of the ovarian is obviously earlier than the aging of the whole body. Most women gain weight by 4.5 kg during the menopause period, and the weight will increase by 0.9 ~ 1.4 kg each year after aging.

Look at the middle -aged and elderly clothing counter, you will find that these clothes are wide and large.And some women will quickly lose weight.Regardless of weight gain and weight loss, the body will change.

A Japanese Institute said that women’s aging starts from the abdomen.Once you enter the aging of the ovarian, you will find that the bodybuilding curve of youth has disappeared quietly, abdominal fat begins to accumulate, the waist circumference increases, the lower limb becomes thinner, and the elegant neck starts to shorten, mostly the weight gain.

Are you afraid of chronic diseases of various middle -aged talents?After a long time, the reproductive organs will shrink, and the imbalanced hormone may also cause cholesterol, triglyceride, and low density lipoprotein, and then cause arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.A series of endocrine disorders such as frequent urination, dysuria, decreased sleep quality, and indifference will slowly come to the door.

What are the changes in your body hormone in a month?

The 28 -day menstrual cycle can be divided into the following different stages:

1. During this period (DAY 1-13), during this period, your sterilization can secrete the mature cubes (FSH) and a small amount of luteal producer (LH), which stimulates follicles to grow in the ovaries, of which only one follicles will beSuccessful development.Once mature, follicles will secrete estrogen, stimulating changes in hyperplasia of the uterine endometrium.

2. On the 14th day of the ovulation period (DAY 14), the pituitary gland will secrete gonadotropin (GNRH) and secrete a large amount of lutein (LH).These hormones "tell" your ovaries quickly release mature egg cells (this is also "ovulation" we often call).

3. After the luteum (DAY 15-28), the egg cells will leave the follicles after ovulation and take a long trip in the fallopian tube alone.If there is no sperm cells to fertilize within 24 hours, the egg cells will break down and then absorb.After the eggs leave the follicles, the follicles that are "abandoned" will "be sad" into the ovaries into luteum.However, even if it is abandoned, the kind luteum must help the eggs to prepare after fertilization.So a large amount of luteal secrete estrogen and progesterone (a progesterone).Under the influence of progesterone, the endometrium began to thickened, preparing for embryo implantation, and entering the state of pregnancy.

4. Menstruation (DAY 1-5) then said above that if the luteal period (DAY15-28) above is not implanted with fertilized oval embryos, the luteal will wither due to a series of mound brains and pituitary gestures, causing severe severe death, causing severe strenuousnessThe decrease in progesterone and estrogen.The sudden changes in hormones can cause the uterus to collapse and bleed, the endometrium falls off, and these things that fall off are the "aunt" we usually call.

At each stage, the ovaries have played a super important role. It can be said that it is the most unreasonable existence of a woman’s reproductive system!Maintaining the ovaries is almost equivalent to protecting the aunt.

The physiological characteristics of the ovary

The ovaries of female fetuses are about 6 million to 7 million oocytes when their embryos are 20 weeks.When women were born, there were only 1 million to 2 million ovary mother cells, and only 30 to 500,000 oocytes were left in adolescence.During the fertility period, women will excrete 400 to 500 mature eggs in their lives; to the menopathic period, only hundreds of oocytes remain in the end.Therefore, the best fertility time for women is 18-35 years old. This period is the period when ovarian function is the strongest, and ovarian function starts to go downhill after the age of 35.

After the age of 35, the number of remaining follicles in the ovaries decreases, and the follicle group can be reduced accordingly. Therefore, the level of inhibitin B secreted by particles in the premature follicle period decreases, and the level of FSH increases.The increase in FSH’s early increase has accelerated the development of follicles, which leads to the earlier raising of the advantages of the superior follicles, shorten the follicle period, and the clinical manifestation is shortening the menstrual cycle.

Raise the ovaries and do these ten small things well

1. Do not eat too much sweets, because too much sugar intake of the body will cause great emotional fluctuations, and it is easy to have negative effects such as anxiety.

2. Don’t take too much salt.Excessive foods are not conducive to moisture in the body to discharge outside, which will affect the normal ovulation of the ovaries. In severe cases, it will damage the ovaries and cause irregular menstruation.

3. Stay away from irritating foods such as cold and spicy.Many MM can’t help but eat in the hot summer, eat a lot of cold drinks or ice cream. Women who love spicy foods have to mix spicy taste for every meal.Wetness and stagnation, eventually leading to irregular menstruation.

4. Reject carbonated drinks.Bubble drinks such as Coca -Cola and Sprite contain a large amount of carbonate. The trembling drink will affect the human body’s absorption of calcium and reduce the digestive ability of the stomach and intestines.

5. Eat more food rich in cellulose.Fiber food can help remove excess estrogen in the body, reduce the risk of tumor due to excessive estrogen, promote gastric motility, and reduce constipation.Such as: vegetables, beans, barley, buckwheat, etc.

6. Eat more soy foods, why always mention that women should eat more bean foods? Especially soybeans can effectively supplement natural plant hormones to women, regulate the balance of hormone in the body in both directions, and play a role in regulating endocrine.

7. Ensuring dietary calcium content, research shows that taking high calcium foods every day can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer.The survey results show that people who consume high calcium foods daily will reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer by 46%than those who take insufficient calcium.

8. Proper use of Vitamin C and vitamin E.Studies have shown that if you take 90 mg of vitamin C and 30 mg of vitamin E daily, the chance of ovarian cancer will be reduced by 50%.It is not enough to obtain it simply from food, but be careful that you must consult a doctor to take the appropriate amount of pills or preparations to supplement.

9. Supplement folic acid.Women appropriately increase foods rich in folic acid in their daily diet, which can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer.Studies have found that women who often eat folic acid -rich foods will reduce the chance of ovarian cancer than rarely eating folic acid foods by 74%.As for folic acid, it is a water -soluble vitamin B, rich in green vegetables, citrus fruits and whole grain foods.

10. Dietary and rest during menstruation should be very paid attention to. If women with dysmenorrhea can use brown sugar water to brew 3 slices of ginger slices and drink 2 times a day, they can relieve dysmenorrhea, and they can not eat frozen, spicy foods during the period, keep their diet a light diet.There must be regular work and rest, and we must not stay up late.

Of course, all nutritional suggestions are based on a balanced nutrition and moderate amount of moderate amount. Starting from daily, avoid extreme emotions, combine work and rest, do not abuse health products, do not arbitrarily "ovarian maintenance" in beauty salons, exercise appropriately, and exercise appropriately, Do not indulge, do not touch the tobacco and alcohol, minimize radiation, etc., and try to do it as much as possible. The body will naturally not disappoint us!

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