Do you sweat more during pregnancy?Pay attention to 6 things, pregnant mothers are more comfortable

Many women during pregnancy will have the phenomenon of sweat, especially in the hot season in the summer.Sweating during pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon, but some small methods can be used to relieve it when sweating.

1. Comfortable clothes

In a hot season in summer, the clothes we wear should choose a more comfortable and breathable fabric. The house causes skin allergies, which will also affect the health of the baby in the abdomen.When choosing clothes, you can choose pure cotton and pure clothes. The clothes of these fabrics can absorb the sweat of the body and have a strong water absorption.For women during pregnancy, they can improve their body comfort.

2. Keep your skin clean

Pregnant mothers have a lot of sweat glands, and sweating more. Therefore, keep the clothes replace normally during pregnancy and keep the skin clean.If you are not suitable for bathing, you can scrub the sweaty body with warm water to maintain your body’s comfort.Maintaining a certain skin cleaning can also prevent skin allergies, tweezers, eczema and other problems.

3. Light taste

As a pregnant mother, you must quit the heavy taste habits, and develop a light taste and eat less irritating food in normal times.Have a light flavor of potassium and sodium ions that can supplement the loss of sweat to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body.In hot summer, you can control the secretion of sweat glands by eating fruits and vegetables, and clear heat to relieve heat.

4. Timely replenishing water

In general, the human body sweats a lot, and the more water in the body will be, so you must drink plenty of water.In the summer, pregnant mothers can carry a hydrating spray with them, and feel that they can spray it when they are short of water to replenish the skin in time.When you go out, you can also bring a bottle of water to prevent your mouth dry.

5. Proper air conditioner

When the weather is hot, you can blow the air conditioner properly to prevent heat stroke.However, it should be noted that it is best to control the temperature at about 25 degrees when the air -conditioned room is staying. Do not drive too low to prevent cold.You should also pay attention not to stay in the air -conditioned room. You must go outdoors and keep it outdoors to avoid air -conditioning diseases.

6. Keep sufficient sleep

When pregnant women have symptoms of sweat, the gradually loss of moisture will make pregnant mothers feel fatigue.Successive sleep can provide energy to the human body and make physical recovery better.Therefore, women should pay attention during pregnancy, do not stay up late and supper.Keeping sufficient sleep habits can make the fetus in your belly more healthy, and also allow you to recover some physical strength.

Summer and sweating during pregnancy are very annoying things. Pregnant mothers can pay more attention to the above aspects to improve their physical discomfort.

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