Do you still have menstruation when you are pregnant?what’s the situation?

Written at the forefront: I heard that I have given birth to meatballs for 3 years -that is a good.Today, my brother is telling you about menstruation.In fact, it is not a disease, nor is it a strange phenomenon.Listen to me slowly.(Welcome to pay attention to the medical small coffee show -a popular science ER pretending to be a little dirty ~)

At noon yesterday, Xiaofa was in a daze in the office. Mei Xiaoyu came to give me a cup of coffee and told me, "Did you make it? Didn’t I tell you that my sister was pregnant, but today I called me to say that my aunt was my aunt.How can it be like this? It’s strange. You explain to me quickly that coffee is a golden diagnosis, and you must make it clear to me. "As soon as I heard this is a question, I shrink back to the hand of coffee., I plan to continue to be dazed.But when I saw the bears in the air in the air, I still plan to talk to her well. How can I refuse?In fact, the truth is because after a few days ago, there is still a palm print.

Why did I test when I was pregnant, and I still came to my aunt?

First of all, I have to say that this really can’t be regarded as a big aunt, this is called abortion.This can really not be called pregnancy, this is called biochemical pregnancy.In fact, the definition of biochemical pregnancy is an early abortion that occurs within 5 weeks.Because essentially combined with ejaculation, a hormone called HCG was generated, so pregnancy can be measured. However, the abortion time is closer to the menstrual cycle, which also causes many people to do not know that they are pregnant when they have a biochemical pregnancy. They think that they are pregnant.Just come a big aunt once.Many pregnant people (including those who are more concerned about ovulation and pregnancy) are always paying attention to whether they are pregnant. After testing, they will wait for the B -ultrasound next month, but wait for the so -called "big aunt".

What should I do if I have a biochemical pregnancy?What impact?

The first thing to explain is that don’t panic first. The specific causes will be said that we will first eliminate the fear, and we can only say that the fate has not arrived.Biochemical pregnancy must be identified with abortion caused by other reasons. If it is an abortion caused by other diseases or accidents, it is not in the scope of this discussion.And if it is a biochemical pregnancy, occasionally occasionally, it will not have much impact on the body. After the next menstruation, it can return to normal, and generally does not affect future pregnancy.

Why is it biochemically pregnancy?

There are many reasons, but mainly the following points:

There are problems with fertilized eggs (mainly chromosomal abnormalities, and chromosome can be checked).

Uachinal functional incompleteness leads to insufficient hormone levels to support fertilized eggs and development.

Maternal uterine factors, such as abnormal uterine development, deformity, endometritis, uterine adhesion, etc. affect the factors that affect the bed.

Immune factors: This can be understood as an antibody against fertilized eggs in the mother’s body.It is difficult to understand the concepts.

Other factors: such as mental stress, strong work intensity, intense exercise, etc.

I want to give my husband a "monkey", how to prevent biochemical pregnancy?

First of all, it is necessary to explain that this thing is not like some diseases, which can be vaccinated or whatever, so it is just some guidance, hoping to help.However, some reasons cause biochemical pregnancy, which is useless, such as the fertilized egg chromosomal abnormalities and the mother’s uterine deformity.So what else can be done?One of the most important principles is: if you plan to have a child, you should test early pregnancy as soon as possible after the same room during ovulation. When you measure positive, pay attention to it.For example, remind yourself not to toss in life and work at all times, and less anxious to get angry, so as not to cause a bad impact on the fertilized eggs.As early as the hospital, determine whether it is normal to get pregnant.If it occurs multiple times, it is recommended that the hospital for medical treatment to improve pre -pregnancy examinations.

Written in the end: In fact, when Xiaofa wrote to prevent that period, I was afraid that someone would spray me. Maybe someone would say, what is this prevention?It’s a shit.But, I have to explain to myself that this is really the only way.Because many chromosomal problems and uterine factors are caused, they cannot be prevented, and hospitals need to be resolved.If you still have to spray if you have any questions, please comment in the message area.(Welcome to pay attention to the medical small coffee show -a popular science ER pretending to be a little dirty ~)

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