Do you often touch your stomach during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, every fetal movement can excite the expectant mothers, and it is inevitable that "getting started" and touching her stomach.But there is such a saying on the Internet: "Frequent pregnant belly can easily cause the fetal umbilical cord around the neck." Is this true?

Gao Xueqing, a maternal and gynecologist at Chongqing Anqier Maternity Hospital, said that it is fake that the umbilical cord is often caused by touching the belly during pregnancy.The umbilical cord is very common in the obstetric clinic, accounting for about 20%-25%of the total number of delivery.At present, countless or studies have shown that touching the belly is directly related to the umbilical cord around the neck, while the common umbilical cord around the neck is mostly caused by these points: the umbilical cord is too long, the fetus is too small, the amniotic fluid is too much, and the fetal movement is too frequent.Most of this phenomenon has one or two laps around the neck, and the neck is relatively small around the neck.Generally, you will go back in a few days. Don’t worry too much or worry about it. Ourologists will give corresponding treatment and response methods.

Can you touch your stomach if you don’t know if you don’t know it around your neck?

The answer is negative.Touching the belly is an interesting interaction between pregnant mothers and babies. It can enhance the emotional communication between the baby and the pregnant mother, and can also exercise the baby’s tactile nerve and motor nerves.However, doctors do not recommend pregnant mothers often touch their stomachs, especially as the baby grows up day by day, pregnant mothers can easily stimulate contractions after entering the third trimester, causing premature birth of the fetus, especially for the experience of suffering from pregnancy.For pregnant mothers, it is easy to lead to the occurrence of premature peeling and premature birth.

What precautions do you want to interact with your baby through touching your belly?

Pay attention to time

Select the right time period and keep a certain regularity.Pregnant mothers can choose to perform at the fetal movement time to better interact with the fetal treasure.The time to touch should not be too long, it is generally recommended for about 2-5 minutes.

Pay attention to reactions

Every time you touch your belly, pay attention to the reaction of the fetal treasure. If the fetal treasure response is severe, such as feeling that the fetal treasure is struggling or kicking the leg, the pregnant mother should immediately stop touching to avoid continuing to cause the fetal treasure discomfort.(Supply of Chongqing Anqier Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital)

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