Do you need to go to the hospital for pregnancy test?

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Dear Zhongliujun, after a few days after the same room, I used the pregnancy test stick to test my pregnancy. I was so excited. At the same time, I was struggling to go to the hospital to check it again?What should I do?

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Let’s first understand the knowledge about the pregnancy test stick:

The pregnancy test stick is a commonly used tool for women to test early pregnancy. The operation is simple and the usage rate is very wide.However, if you want to ensure the accuracy of the test results of the pregnancy test, the use time of the pregnancy test stick is a very important reason. So, when is the most accurate test of the pregnancy test stick?How to use the pregnancy test correctly?Let’s take a look at:

When is the most accurate test when the pregnancy test stick is measured?

The principle of using the pregnancy test stick is to determine whether to be pregnant by checking the HCG concentration in the urine.HCG is an English abbreviation for human chorionic gonad hormone. After five to ten days in the bed, the content of HCG in the human urine will increase. Generally speaking, the pregnancy test stick with a guaranteed quality is used and operated in accordance with the correct method.The accuracy of pregnancy test is about 85%-95%.

How to correctly use the pregnancy test stick

The detection is relatively accurate in one month or 7-10 days after menopause. When using it, you should choose the first urination in the morning, and the accuracy should be higher.The longer the time after the intercourse, the more accurate the effect of the inspection.Generally, HCG appears in the urine after a few days in the combination of eggs and sperm, and it must be detected to reach a certain concentration.If you want to see a more accurate test value, it is best to detect at least one week after the same room, so that the possibility of getting positive results is more likely.It also has something to do with the method used. If the method is improper, there will be errors.Pay attention to the following points of using the pregnancy test stick:

1. Drink a lot of water in order to increase the urine. This will dilute the content of the motiononophygal hormone in the body, which will affect the detection effect, which is likely to be unable to detect it.

2. Urine should take the first urine in the morning.If it is inconvenient, you should also take urine for more than four hours in the bladder for detection.

3. Some drugs will affect the test results, and read the instructions carefully before use.

So do you want to go to the hospital for examination?

The answer is yes, but you can go too early.

Why not go too early?

Generally normal pregnancy, as long as there is no stomach pain or bleeding, there is no medical history of natural abortions, embryos stopping or ectopic pregnancy before, then the pregnancy test stick can be tested for pregnancy.If you do the B -ultrasound too early, you can’t see anything.Therefore, you only need to wait until the monthly period is 2-4 weeks, and then go to the hospital for B-ultrasound to check the embryo.

After that, you can generally go to the hospital’s obstetrics registration at the 2- March of pregnancy.Then take the process of checking the inspection.

Special circumstances are still special treatment

If you have small stomach pain, bleeding, or have abortion or fetal stopping this time, once you detect pregnancy, you must go to the hospital to check the blood HCG and progesterone, and do a B -ultrasound. It is clear whether the embryo is in the palace or whetherIs it good or bad outside the palace.

In particular, when a threatened abortion and early ectopic pregnancy are difficult to distinguish, the change of blood checking HCG is very helpful.Most of the patients with ectopic pregnancy are doubled in HCG the next day, and the growth is relatively slow. Combining Yin Chao can help diagnosis.If you wait for Yin Chao to see the extraterritorial pregnancy sac, it is necessary to cause a big deal. Once ectopic pregnancy is ruptured and bleeding, it can cause shock to be life -threatening.

In this case, it is best to check the progesterone value

We all know that any abdominal pain during pregnancy is a bad sign. If women are just pregnant, abdominal pain often occurs, and accompanied by bleeding or brown secretions, then at this time, you must go to the hospital to do it to do it in the hospital at this timeCheck a progesterone.Because of this, it is likely to be a symptom of aura abortion.

However, there are some special groups. Before pregnancy, there are other internal and surgical diseases, such as abnormal thyroid dysfunction, heart disease, hypertension, etc., which is likely to aggravate the condition during pregnancy. This needs to go to the hospital for examination in time.

All in all, as long as there is no special circumstances, you can test your urine at home and test your positive. The monthly passage period is 2-4 weeks before going to the hospital to do a B-ultrasound.If you want more accurate results, you have to go to the hospital for examination.

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