Do you know how to get pregnant?It turns out that this can be calculated like this.

Generally speaking, the date of pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation.The entire pregnancy is generally 40 weeks, that is, 280 days, and the due date is 40 weeks later, but the due date is to speculate that the baby’s birth day may not be the day when the baby really comes to this world.Due to people, babies are often born within two weeks before and after due date.The due date is also based on the first day of the last menstrual period. It is speculated that the monthly number of the first day of the last menstrual period is +9 or -3, and the number of days is +7, which is the due date.For example, the first day of the last menstrual period is June 10, 2018. According to this method, the due date is March 17, 2019, and the entire pregnancy cycle has a total of 40 weeks, that is, 280 days.

From the news report, you can find that some women are more careless and their menstruation is not well understood. I do n’t know when I am pregnant. I may be late when I realize that I might be pregnant.Generally speaking, after the sexual life does not come, the next menstruation does not come as scheduled. You can go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick for testing to see if it is suspicious of pregnancy, so as not to run the hospital for a while.If there are two red bars in the pregnancy test stick, you can go to the hospital to see if the pregnancy test stick is wrong.At this time, you can check the HCG value, progesterone value, B -ultrasound, see if you are in the palace, and so on.

Which time is it easy to conceive?

The best fertility time recognized now is between 25 and 32 years old. At this time, the fertility ability reaches the highest, has good fertility quality, and is easy to conceive.As the age increases, the quality of the eggs decreases, and the physical fertility conditions have also declined. At this time, not only is it difficult to conceive.At the same time, the later you are pregnant, the problem of pregnancy and hypertension, diabetes, etc., the higher the fertility process, and the higher the chance of fetal disease or deformity.

In addition, the ovulation period is susceptible to conception. At this time, the egg activity is the highest. Ovulation is generally 14 days before women’s menstruation, but each woman’s menstrual cycle is different.At this time, it can be judged by the mild secretion of the female base. After the ovulation starts, the body temperature of women will rise significantly, and the rules of the body temperature can be detected by daily measurement.Before and after ovulation, due to the increase in estrogen secretion, women’s cervical mucus increased, and the vagina was more moist. This was prepared for the body to prepare for pregnancy.

After confirmation, pregnant women need to be checked on a regular basis, and the examinations should be done, such as B -ultrasound, Tang’s screening, gestational diabetes test, and so on.For the sake of the healthy development of the children, the inspection of doctors is generally done.At the same time, pay attention to supplementing nutrition. In the first three months, you can eat folic acid to prevent fetal malformations. In the later period, calcium tablets can be supplemented, but you cannot blindly supplement nutrition. Try to obey the doctor’s advice as much as possible.

Guide expert: Zhang Yunmei, deputy dean of the Second People’s Hospital of Dunhua City, Jilin Province, director of obstetrics and gynecology.

He has been engaged in clinical work of obstetrics and obstetrics, and is proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and diseases of obstetrics and gynecology. He has profound accomplishments in obstetric emergency, infertility, endocrine, and menopause.

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