do you know?Wordering medicinal Ejiao is not a high -quality blood supplemental medicine

It was mentioned in daily life that using traditional Chinese medicine to nourish blood. Everyone first thought that it must be Ejiao. I heard that Ejiao supplemented with blood, and took it for granted that eating a little is good for the body, especially women.I have learned Chinese medicine, I do n’t know. In fact, precious medicinal Ejiao is not a high -quality tonic.

If you go through some blood supplements commonly used by Chinese medicine, you will unexpectedly find that there is basically no Ejiao inside.For example: Siwu Decoction, known as the "first party of the gynecology", and Shengyu Decoction, and Shengyu Decoction, Angelica Blood Decoction, Guibi Decoction, and the names of nourishing blood and nourishing blood.

When do Chinese medicine use Ejiao?

We have picked a few classic prescriptions in the well -known medical works "The Theory of Febrile Diseases" and "Golden Summary" to analyze:

1. Poring Decoction

Poron soup is a damp -removing agent.

Composition of prescriptions: Poria (peeling), Poria, Zexie, Ejiao, talc (broken) each 10g each.

Fang Jie: Fangzhong uses Poring as a king, takes its kidney and bladder meridian, and is dedicated to infiltrating water.The ministers use the glory of Zexie and Poria, Yiluo Lingli water to wet the water, and the coldness of Zexie can be relieved, and Poria can still strengthen the spleen to help humidify.The sweet cold of the talc, the water and the heat of clearing the heat; the Ejiao nourishes the yin and moisturize, which has benefited the yin that has been hurt, but also prevents the seepage of the medicine and the blood.

2. Loess soup

Loess soup is a hemorrhaner, which has the effect of Wenyang and the spleen, nourishing blood and stopping bleeding.

Composition of prescriptions: licorice, dried ground yellow, atractylodes, aconite (gun), Ejiao, Scutellaria baicalensis, 30g of stove heart loess.

Fang Jie: Fangzhong stove heart loess (that is, Fulong liver), Xin Wen and astringent, warm in the warmth, used as a king.Atractylodes and Fuzi Wenyang Jianjian spleen, helping Jun medicine uses the right to re -spleen and soil, and is a drug medicine.However, the technique of Xinwen, which is easy to consume blood and blood, and bleeding, and the blood of the yin is also lost.The nature of the place; and the glory, Ejiao, and the assignment are not greasy, avoiding the disadvantages of dull spleen, all of which are medicine.Licorice regulation and medium.

The heart of the stove, the blind Chinese medicine that can be found rarely now

3. Wen Jing Tang

Wen Jing Decoction is a hemorrhage, which has the effect of warming meridians and dispersing cold, nourishing blood and removing blood stasis.

The composition of prescriptions: Evodia, Ophiopogon (removing the heart) 9g each, angelica, peony, Chuanxiong, ginseng, Guizhi, Ejiao, peony leather (removing heart), ginger, licorice, Pinellia each 6g each.

Indications for rushing for deficiency and blood stasis.The leakage is not stopped, the blood color is dark and there, the dripping, or the ahead of menstruation or delay, or overdue, or if it can be stopped in January, or the menstruation cannot be stopped.The hands are upset, the lips are dry, the tongue is dark red, and the pulse is thin and astringent.He also governed the woman’s cold palace and did not conceive for a long time.Clinically, it is commonly used in the treatment of functional uterine bleeding, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, dysmenorrhea, infertility, etc.

After reading the above three recipes, what should you see?

That’s right, Ejiao is better at nourishing yin and stopping bleeding. It is suitable for a variety of bleeding certificates. Because it is also good at nourishing blood and nourishing yin, it is especially suitable for losing blood and blood deficiency.Ejiao.

However, the long -term publicity of advertising, media, and half -hanging health experts left the impression of "Ejiao is a good medicine for blood" and "valuable blood supplement", but the above facts, they never tell you.So everyone, without bleeding every day, Ejiao has no help to you.Because the role of Ejiao is very limited, only when some hemorrhagic anemia has a good effect.For other various blood deficiency, Ejiao has no effect.

Therefore, Ejiao is indeed not a high -quality blood supplement.

It is not a nourishing sacred product

In daily life, we can use some simple methods to judge whether you are suitable for Ejiao.

Generally speaking, those with thin constitution are accompanied by menstrual and light color, or continuous menstruation. Generally, there is no harm to eating Ejiao (pay attention to poor gastrointestinal function).

In addition, it is not appropriate to have a strong physique; those who are thin but red, and the spirit is not suitable; those with poor mood and high pressure for a long time.In short, there are not many people suitable for Ejiao.

Of course, some people may think that traditional Chinese medicine has no side effects, and Ejiao eats a little bit.I said seriously: This is the superstition of traditional Chinese medicine, a completely wrong point of view (don’t exaggerate the side effects of Western medicine)!Most people do not know Chinese medicine, and they do not realize the risks.

A healthy, no disease, the first side effect of Ejiao is to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.Ejiao is greasy, and the energy of gastrointestinal costs requires too much energy to digest Ejiao, causing a decline in digestive ability.After drinking a spoonful of lard with you, there must be no appetite and bloating.

Eating Ejiao during menstruation, as long as you eat enough, it will cause the problem of reduced menstruation and irregularities. If you eat non -menstrual period, it may also cause delay of menstruation.

The characteristics of Ejiao’s greasy and hemostasis have a fatal effect on certain diseases, such as uterine fibroids and breast hyperplasia.This type of disease should theoretically use the medicines of common and scattered medicines. If it is greasy and bleeding Ejiao, the disease worsens.

Therefore, nourishing must be cautious.

Some people may say, "I don’t have these problems when I eat Ejiao."Hmm … Rome was not built in a day, nor was it eaten in a day. If you have perseverance and perseverance (and money), you must have a problem for a few years.

If you are still doubtful, I will say a word: If you take medicine, please shield the TV newspapers and Baidu, and only listen to the doctor. It is definitely right.

Listen to me, right

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